AMERICAN MADE – Television Premier

News Just in….! The film “American Made” is going to premier on Television all over the USA! This is awesome. Hopefully the exposure that this film will get by showing on PBS will help educate more people about Sikhs and the issues we face. You can also buy a copy of the DVD which is now available on the film’s website. I just ordered a copy since I don’t have satellite TV currently or an antennae for local channels (don’t have much time for TV these days. I just rent DVDs). But hey… I’m sure YOU have TV right?

Spread the word about the showings on TV and let everyone know (email this article to friends) . See the links at the bottom to find out dates and schedules for your city.

Acclaimed short film about a Sikh American family after 9/11 premieres on PBS’ Independent Lens starting May 9, 2006.

American Made ( ) is a story about a Sikh American family in the aftermath of 9/11. When the Singh family’s car breaks down in the desert, Ranjit tells his father that no one will stop to help because “he looks like a terrorist.” What follows is the heart-rending struggle between a father and son and a larger exploration of faith, tradition, acceptance, and what it means to be ‘American’ today. Told with humanity and humor, American Made has won seventeen awards from film festivals around the world. It will likely be the first fictional film about Sikh Americans post-9/11 on national television. Director Sharat Raju’s next project is a full-length documentary film Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath to be released in Fall 2006.

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6 Responses to “AMERICAN MADE – Television Premier”

  1. Anonymous says:

    George Washington, by far the most celebrated terrorist of the Western world, is revered to such an extent that patriotic, nationalist Americans of all shades and colors hanker to have their names associated with him. Thanks to him – America became a bastion of liberty and human dignity as well as the greatest power the world has ever seen.

    In contrast, Gandhi’s love for his goats’ milk far exceeded his love for fellow-humans. As a result, only the most dishonest, depraved and corrupt people remain his disciples and India is one of the most morally bankrupt societies in the world.

    What can we learn from this? An honorable military man of integrity makes a better leader than an unscrupulous debauch.

  2. Cool. But it says it wont air in my area within two weeks and gives no future dates until two weeks.
    It sounds educational to non-Sikhs. We need more things like this to educate people who make their own assumptions due to the media always showing Mohamadians wearing their style of turbans/headcoverings.
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    I could have lent you the film I already bought it, so that I could see it. It’s alright. In the movie there is usage of ‘the holy book,’ which I believe is in reference to a nitnaym with translations or something.
    This movie doesn’t really convey the central tenets of the Sikh Dharma, about worshiping one God and helping humanity. It mostly focuses on a father who taught his kids nothing about their religion and for some reason wears a turban.

  4. At last we “Sikhs” will have some representation in USA (though, the timings it is to be televised are pretty odd, late night some places) where discrimination has been prevalent in its history for a long time. Well, the point here is not just to differentiate Sikhs from similar looking societies/personals, but there should also be more stress on differentiating between the terrorists and those who don’t support what terrorists’ agenda might be. What I mean is instead of profiling all Muslims, Sikhs and Arabs as one group, American society need to know them as separate groups and then need to differentiate with in the group between the people who support and who don’t agree with the terrorist agenda. Like they say in India… all five fingers are not equal. Similarly, all the people of any particular religion/society are not to be blamed for actions of some hardliner nuts.

    America thinks it is invincible, untouchable, had to pay the price and now Americans are back lashing at the people who look similar to the terrorists and had nothing to do with 9-11 or any other terrorist’s activities.

    Immigration is also facing the same problem. At first they (law makers) slept on it and now when it went out of hand, they are making rules that are not even practical. Same is the issue with Health Care and Social Security. I read this one liner somewhere, “America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won’t cross the street to voteâ€?, meaning to put the right people in the Office.

    Americans should act in time and should stop panicking and stop acting haphazardly like they acted after 9-11 by placing patriot act (taking away the liberty, and then calling America the “Land of the Free�) in place and then by placing some theoretical immigration laws on the table to deal with 12 million undocumented people.

  5. Vicky Singh says:

    The movie is very short and it is good work of raju. However, this Docu-drama doesn’t show much about sikhs to the public. Overall, good to have this in line of SIkh Media LibrarY :D

    Prabhu and Gurumustuk.. i would highly recommend you guys “Kaambadi Kallaey”.. Very Good movie ! Must have it.. It explains the current situation of Sikhs.

  6. Looks like a good film.

    Doesn’t show much in the preview on the film website.