Featured MP3 Gurbani File – Snatam Kaur

While I was in Singapore staying with my good friends Rajvir Singh and Guru Jaswant Kaur I was flipping through their CDs and found a stack of live recordings from the Malaysian youth camp which they hold every year in December. This past year Snatam Kaur, Hari Bhajan Kaur, Chardi Kala Jatha along with the Senior class of Miri Piri Academy all participated at the camp.

(You can see some pictures and a writeup by Jugat Guru Singh (CK Jatha) about his experiences at the camp.)

Anways…I have been listening to some of these audio tracks and they are great. There are too many to post them all at once, so in between my normal blog posts I’ll post them from time to time.

Here are two selection for you to enjoy! More to come….

Lead Vocals: Snatam Kaur, Backup Vocals: Hari Bhajan Kaur, Guitar: Guruganesha Singh Tabla: ?

Shabad: Nanak Naam Milay Taa Jevaa (36MB)

Shabad: Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita (8.5MB)

11 Responses to “Featured MP3 Gurbani File – Snatam Kaur”

  1. Jagjit Singh says:

    hello veerji,,,

    the audio is not from the Samelan. Its from the Cheras Programme 2005.. Snatam Kaur and jatha did not come for the samelan last year..

    The Tabla player is a guy from Singapore. His name is Kamal, he is so far the best tabla player in South East Asia.

  2. Thanks for the correction… I didn’t realize that.

  3. The songs sound very beautiful and joyous. I really like Snatams voice and GuruGanesh’s guitar playing style{it sounds Greatful deadish but not all drugged out}
    I was at the spitit voyage.com site about 6 months ago and stummbled upon a Snatam recording and had to buy a cd that second and waited and waited until I recieved it and played it for days straight. Basically she doesnt have any certain good cds. Every single things she sings is the best. She made me start to practice singing Kirtan so I can spread the flame that she lit on my candle to another. SatNam
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  4. Prabhu Singh says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard kamal so I don’t know if he’s the best tabla player. I do know of another tabla player in South East Asia who is incredible. Gurumustuk put a picture of him up last week his name is Balvinder Singh, he’s from Singapore. To put in modern terms: He’s got mad skillz.

  5. Anonymous says:

    tayraa keetaa jaato naahee maino jog keeto-ee. mai nirguni-aaray ko gun naahee aapay taras pa-i-o-ee. taras pa-i-aa mihraamat ho-ee satgur sajan mili-aa. naanak naam milai taaN jeevaaN tan man theevai hari-aa.

    I have not appreciated what You have done for me, Lord; only You can make me worthy. I am unworthy – I have no worth or virtues at all. You have taken pity on me. You took pity on me, and blessed me with Your Mercy, and I have met the True Guru, my Friend. O Nanak, if I am blessed with the Naam, I live, and my body and mind blossom forth.

    I found the words of this sabad so mesmerizing that I didn’t notice there was someone at the tabla, let alone his rank in South East Asia.

    Now given that this sabad comes from none other than Guru Arjan Sahib – everything other than his words is incidental or may be even a distraction.

  6. It will be more appropriate if we call Guru’s composition as “Shabad” instead of Songs or Audio tracks.

    Bhul Chuk di Khema…

  7. Anonymous says:

    According to the attached news report – Chardhi Kala Jatha is working hard to spread the message of the Sikh Gurus. They have performed kirtan at Darbar Sahib Amritsar and also at PM’s House.

    Congratulations!!! Well Done, Sons and Daughters of Guru Gobind Singh !!! I’m proud of my Khalsa brothers and sisters.


    The American way of spreading Sikhism
    By SSNews, tribune
    Apr 27, 2006, 17:45


    Tall, handsome and well-built, three handsome American Sikhs
    Harmanjot Singh; Sadasatsimran Singh Khalsa and Mr Jagatguru Singh
    Khalsa have adopted Sikhism and are spreading the message of Gurus
    through kirtan. Presently, they are in Amritsar learning several
    things at the Miri Piri Academy. They had sung kirtan using correct
    nuances of Punjabi at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Model Town Extension,
    Ludhiana, on Baisakhi Day.

    Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, they said, “We have done kirtan seva in
    more than 60 countries. We are staying in Amritsar and learning more
    about gurmat sangeet. We are taking training from Ustad Narinder
    Singh Sandhu of Amritsar and are learning several things at the Miri
    Piri Academy under the guidance of experts.

    They said, they were the second generation American Sikhs as their
    parents had adopted Sikhism after getting inspired by late Harbhajan
    Singh Yogi. “Both our parents and we think that Sikhism is one of the
    best religions in the world.”

    These American Sikhs are attired in Khalsa bana. Bhai Harmenderjot
    Singh Khalsa said, “My parents were born Christians but embraced
    Sikhism. For the past 35 years we have been followers of Sikhism.
    Many Americans have been attracted to Sikhism inspired by the talks
    of Harbhajan Singh Yogi. We all love doing kirtan.”

    Jathedar Avtar Singh, president, SGPC, is impressed with the
    sincerity of these young Sikhs. He said, “It is ironic that our own
    youngsters are moving away from the religion, are getting their hair
    cut and getting addicted to drugs , while young men from foreign
    shores are showing us the true path to Sikhism.”

    These young Sikhs are adept in playing gatka. They are learning
    different instruments like harmonium, tabla and tanti saaz. Asked if
    they have been around India and which place they liked the best, they
    replied that they have been all over India and their favourite place
    is Amritsar.

    They have performed kirtan at the sanctum sanctorium of Harmander
    Sahib and at the house of the Prime Minister.

    They added that they often go to Mexico to participate in 3HO (Happy,
    Healthy, Holy Pogramme). They are working overseas in de-addiction
    programmes run by this body. Prof Davinder Singh Chhina of Punjab
    Cultural and Promotion Council has honoured this jatha and presented
    them portraits of the Sahibzadas


  8. Anonymous says:

    Jugat Guru Singh? WOW why would someone name their kid that? thats a shocker I have never heard that before I guess I do not understand the intent of it…woww!

  9. Jagjit Singh says:

    why can some ppl not even staying in SEA can comment about the best tabla player here?? I know most of the tabla players who are good around this region and I can confidently say that, ask Snatam Kaur..

    For the first track, Nanak Naam Mileteh Ta Jivah, it was chardi kala jatha’s tabla player who played the tabla. Kamal also came the next day if I am not wrong…

  10. Anonymous says:

    just makes my want to sing

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am proud of the persons who are practizing Sikhism. I request them all to come to Punjab and spread the true meaning of Sikhism by organizing road shows, printed material and videos like Christian Missionaries do. Become Sikh Missionaries in Punjab. Thanks