Musical Japji Sung by ChardiKala Jatha

While we are on the topic of Chardi Kala Jatha….. I was over at my brother’s house the other night and went into his room and heard an awesome musical Japji Sahib playing. This was a unique musical rendition of Japji Sahib (by CK Jatha) which someone recorded live during the 3 day Japji Sahib course which we had here in Espanola Last year.

There is something about singing Japji that feels so different than just regular recitation. I love the rhythm and pace of it too. I find it very meditative. So, you can listen and download it if you like and hopefully enjoy it like I did.

So, download the audio; Sit up straight so that your spine is not bent. Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes and sing along with the audio. If you don’t know Japji by heart then just listen and meditate on the words.

Download MP3 audio (24MB)

Self Mastery through Japji
A professional DVD Set was compiled from the 2003 Japji Sahib Course (here in Espanola, New Mexico) that you might be interested in. This year we are having a new 4 day Jaap Sahib course which is going to be awesome! Come join us if you can.

Here is some info about the DVD:
"When someone can understand Japji, he can understand the entire wisdom of God." – Yogi Bhajan

This unique two DVD set features two inspiring and uncut lectures of Yogi Bhajan and highlights of lectures, presentations and meditations from the Japji Course 2003 by the best international teachers and musicians of Sikh Dharma.

It offers four hours of in-depth knowledge of Guru Nanak’s divine teachings of Japji plus a beautiful full length melodic recitation by Chardi Kala Jatha musical genius Sada Sat Simran Singh with visual cues for you to accompany the recitation.

Japji contains universal teachings for anyone seeking Truth. It is a timeless piece of poetry, a song composed by the enlightened Indian Saint Guru Nanak while in a state of divine union with the Infinite. Japji is said to give answers to life’s deepest questions. Japji is a tool designed to deliver a human being to excellence.

Order Online at: Spirit Voyage or Ancient Healing Ways

23 Responses to “Musical Japji Sung by ChardiKala Jatha”

  1. Kiren says:

    Dear Gurumustuk,

    some of us at the Malaysian Samelan in December last year had the opportunity to hear Japji being sung in this very same way by the CK Jatha. the feeling that was created as hundreds of peoply sung the words of Guru Nanak is undescribable!

    i think there is a specific reason why it is sung in that particular raag/ style. it had something to so with inspiring knowledge and understanding. i’m quite sketchy on the actual explanation, i was hoping you could help out?


  2. Jap jee sahib is the only composition in the entire Sir Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaaj that has not been composed in any Raaga by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib jee Maharaaj… I have been to various places and Samagams and everywhere Japjee Sahib is recited without any musical instrumentation. It is pretty hard to do it that way. Kudos to Chardi Kala Jatha who sung it with musical instruments. It is the first time I heard it being sung with musical touch. They made it look so easy to do. Simple great.

  3. Angad Singh says:

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  4. There is another Musicial Japji Sahib CD which is done by Guru Raj Kaur. You can check it out on SpiritVoyage

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Japji contains universal teachings for anyone seeking Truth. It is a timeless piece of poetry, a song composed by the enlightened Indian Saint Guru Nanak while in a state of divine union with the Infinite.”

    In lighter vein: I thought Guru Nanak was an NRI, a Non-Resident Indian :-) :-).

  6. Anonymous says:

    HEy GMK
    CAn u please post Chardi Kala Jathas keertan from their last kirtan at The golden temple?

  7. I will listen to it tommorow morning and start my day with their version.
    I also like the Musical version of Jap Ji by GuruRaj Kaur and Dr.Harjot Kaur Singh and start my day to that also. I love the music of Sikhs, that was the very first thing that pulled me to a very foriegn life style that changed my life completly.

  8. Muffin says:

    The Japji Sahib by CKJ is so beautiful.I will make sure to start my day with this. Thanks Gurumustuk for another amazing contribution. Please do post more kirtan from them and Snatam Kaur too.

  9. anildev_singh_malhi says:

    Dear Gurumustuk,

    Thanks for sharing the Japji rendition by CK Jatha.

    It’s just perfect for me. I can even sing along with it.

    Please share more kirtan by CK Jatha. They are really good. I missed them in Malaysia as I was in India studying.

    Thanks again!!!!!

  10. Ishtmeet says:

    Bhai Jasbir Singh ji has also rendered Japji Sahib very beautifully in musical form. This rendition is available as download in Sikhnet’s daily bani section of downloadable.

  11. Beautiful music,
    Leaves me speechless…

  12. DragonKhanda says:

    I love their kirtan, I was watching it on satellite yesterday.. Very beautiful.
    Guru Nanak is not a Indian saint, he is and always be a Sikh Saint, “Sant Siphahi” :)

  13. amrik singh says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Jee, can you please post the keertan done by CKJ at Darbaar Saahib?

    The sangat is eagerly waiting :)

  14. I have the audio portion of this…but was waiting to get a video copy of it. Coming soon :)

  15. Veerji, do you have musical renditions of other Nitnem banis (Jaap Saheb, Swaiyye, Rehiras Saheb) as well?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Link to keertan performed by Chardikala Jatha at Darbar Sahib on april 26 2006

  17. Mandeep Singh Khalsa says:

    will i ever become deserving of guru saheb kirpa?

  18. Chris C says:

    Thank You Gurumustukji!

    I fell into a relaxed meditative state while listening to CK Jatha, just what the doctor ordered :)


  19. jeet says:

    Thanks for Japji Sahib sung in Kirtan style. I also want to download Rehras Sahib in Kirtan style, Can someone please upload it.

    Waheguruji Da Khalsa Waheguruji Di Fateh.

  20. raminder kaur says:

    This  task is fantastically accomplished. Being a student of art knows “Poetry” is considered not only one of the richest but pure form of communication with almighty .
    ” It’s is an continouse flow of emotions.”
    William Wordsworth
    And  the whole Gurbani is written in the form of poetry. One of the evident proof ,is it(poetry) doesn’t follow any grammar that is why it is away from all sorts of bondations. So as the Gurbani does after all, it’s all about  the great truth.
    When one like Chardi Jala Jatha  adds music to it ,one takes lesser time to get connected to “The Great Almighty”, to break away all the worldly bonds. It has all the take away power. It can surely help people,especially those parents who wants their children to adopt or learn how important Sikhi is to all of us .

  21. Raj says:

    hey i am lookin for a musical sukhmani sahib with a waja, can anyone help

  22. Kaur Shah says:

    I heard it once and can't stop listening again n again. Its so pure.
    Cheers to CK Jatha!!

  23. Kaur Shah says:

    I heard it once and can't stop listening again n again. Its so pure.