Chardikala Jatha Kirtan at Harmandir Sahib

The Chardi Kala Jatha (Jagat Guru S., Sada Sat Simran S. and Harimandirjot S.) will be playing at the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar again at 6:30AM – 8:00AM (Indian Standard Time) on Wednesday April 26th morning. If you have ZTV/Etc you can watch them at that time.

They played a couple of weeks ago just before Rehiras and did a great job! Does anyone have a recording of it (audio or video)? If someone can record it this time that would be awesome! Let me know….. :)

I tried to listen for a while through the internet…but the SGPC has very limited bandwidth so the audio was breaking up pretty often. I think many people must be tuning into the live broadcast right now.

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  1. Awesome Veere, I am really impressed with your work and seva.Good Job.

    Rajkeerat Singh

  2. Thank you Bhai GMS for posting the timings.

  3. Harpal Singh says:

    Refer to the Quatations below which appeared in the article “ Kirten By American Sikhs � by Bhai Khuswant Singh( Sikh News dated 21.4.2006)
    “1. I was arrested by a deep, melodious voice starting with the invocation Dandaut Vandana Anik baar. I had not heard such a rich voice for a long time. When the camera focused on the raagis, I was foxed. They were goras (white men) with blond or brown beards wearing blue or white turbans. Not a flaw in the pronunciation of words.
    2. I was profoundly impressed. Even when it comes to Gurbani, Americans can do more than match the best of our own established raagis.�
    I personally feel that he,as well known writer, has given the most beautiful credit to them. I wish to thank Chardikala Jatha Kirtan Jatha for their Quarbani and respect for Wahehuruji. Same goes for all Western Shabads Singers too

  4. Sandeep says:

    I am listening to it right now….ooh its awesome…deep…profound,,ecstatic, good job Gurmustuk…for posting it on your website and all that you have done till now. May Waheguru’s blessings be with you..

    Sandeep Singh

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Chardi Kala guys are simply awesome.

    Also, Bill Clinton’s speech in the Sikhnet news section is worth reading. Bill is a romantic man of ideas and deep thinking not to mention that he is the husband of powerful Hillary Clinton, the co-founder and co-chair of India Caucus in the US senate.

    If Hillary becomes the President in 2008 or later – Bill is going to be the first FIRST MAN in US history – not easy to match status.
    For peace and prosperity, Sikhs need friends at high places in India and abroad.

    So while we enjoy the powerful keertan – we can also let Bill’s beautiful words impress us. Afterall, Panth’s watchdogs do need an incisive mind. Don’t they?

  6. Anon: I’ll take a read of that news article. Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico I think is also going to be running for US president and has very close ties with the Sikhs here in New Mexico for the past 20 years. Either way hopefully we can get someone good as president for the next term.

  7. Guru Darbar says:

    Hey G. Mustuk, I have CKJ’s previous performance audio if you want it.

  8. GDarbar: Yeah… thanks. Send it my way.

    I’m looking for some video footage too if anyone has…please do share.


  9. Anonymous says:

    GM: The Clinton speech is not on the front page anymore. It has moved to the inside pages of the bulletin – in case you are looking for it.

    President Clinton is a great public speaker and people pay quite a bit of money to invite him for lectures. His words are usually pretty inspiring.

    What puzzles me about the couple is why Hillary didn’t leave him despite repeated breaches of trust. This is supposed to be a private ‘couple’ matter but since both of them are high profile public servants – curiosity is natural.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I watched the Chardikala Jatha kirtan on the UK’s Punjabi channel.It was so inspiring.May WAHEGURU bless them.

  11. FT says:

    I noticed on Chardhi Kala Jatha’s blog that they will be doing kirtan at Harmandir Sahib Ji on Guru Ram Das Ji’s birthday in October. I’m planning to go to India in October, so I will have to try and get to the Harmandir Sahib ji on that day so I can watch them play kirtan. That would be wonderful. I have one of their CD’s (at your suggestion) and I love listening to it. (-:


  12. Amarjot says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji,

    I was there in India when these divine souls sang at Siri Darbar Sahib Amritsar and also they visited my home town Ludhiana on Baisakhi and stayed at our house for good 5-6 hours. We had a very good time.

    I have couple of pictures which I took while they were at our place and also when they were being honored by Pardhan of Siri Darbar Sahib Amritsar, Makar.

    Just for clarification.. I believe the name is Jugat Guru Singh and not Jagat Guru Singh.


  13. harmeet kaur says:

    It will be wonderful if you could produce a website which shows live kirtan from sri harmandir sahib. it will be awesome. people like me will be so thankful to you…

  14. BALKAR SINGH says: