Sri Dasmesh Band (Malaysia)

When I was in Malaysia I had the chance to meet some of the young Sikh guys from the Sri Dasmesh Band. There were four guys that I met at the four day Baisakhi program (Cheras) and they performed with their bagpipes and dhol drums. I missed their performance so the day before I left they all came over to the house I was staying at and we jammed again on the Bagpipes. It was great fun. (see some of the pictures here)
Here is part of a video that I got from them. I guess there was a news story about the Sri Dasmesh band on Malaysian TV. The dialog is in Malay (the language of Malaysia) however you can watch and listen. It’s cool seeing Sikhs involved in different cultural aspects. Especially exploring other styles of music and instruments.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    i remember having listened to one of their tracks once – ‘gobinde mukande’… can’t seem to find it though…

    is it available online?


  2. Hareet Singh says:

    Talking about seeing Sikhs enjoying music from other cultures..

    Here’s a picture of me rapping alongside big-name Rap-star Talib Kweli.

    everyone on campus was talking about that turban-kid with the good rhymes =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    haha! nice picture – maybe you should do more!

  4. Malay Translation of the news story in the video by Harpal Singh:

    1. TheLady Presenter:- We Malaysian are lucky to live in Malaysia, as we could see different types of beautiful and colourful cultural and Art shows. Recently we witness Sikh Music Bagpipes. Sure there is something special. Now we will see this Visual.

    2. The Lady Voice In Visual:- Bagpipe – originated from Scotland is special and main instrument used by Deshmesh Band. Since formed in1988, It is one of the most popular band loved by Sikhs. It is not only popular among Malaysians but also internationally recognized – Indonesia ,

    3. Sdr. Sukhdev Singh( Bandmaster):- Bagpipes were used in Battlefields.
    From World War 1 & 2. Documentary films, we can see it was used for uplift soldier’s spirit. The trumpet could not do the same. It has been the military tradition for the Sikhs.

    4. Lady Voice:- Until now the Band has 40 members, from age of 10 to 40 years. Taught not only to march but also to control the instruments mainly bagpipe & drum.Sdr. Sukhdev Singh( Bandmaster):- During British rule, it was known as King of Outdoor Instrument. From hill top it had the hearing range 3-5 miles . It had the best quality which other instruments could not compete. The rest, the visual shows the band performing and Sdr. Sukhdev Singh speaks in English.As addition, this instrument was played by mainly Sikhs and some Pakistanis policemen, during the British rule in Malaya. I remember this as my dad was a policeman, working in the Police training centre in K.Lumpur now know as Pulapol.

  5. Iqbal Shergill says:

    Good to listen sikhs enjoy and play  music from different culture

  6. Pritam Singh says:

    Great Pics. I lve the looks of the Bagpipe Band – but there is ‘No Sound’ Can’ hear anything. Can you send me a video of the Bagpipe band WITH SOUND /

  7. simranjeet singh says:

    Sikh have the different life style & honour. They always live a life like a Lion in any country of the worlds so that’s why we say  “SINGH IS KING”