Three Mommas

Three of the 8 or so local Sikh women who are pregnant. It seems like every month I hear of at least one or two more friends who are expecting a child. Bring-em-on! The more kids the merrier. (Pictured: Guru Amrit Kaur, Arjan Kaur, Sat Mittar Kaur)

2 Responses to “Three Mommas”

  1. Puja says:

    Sat Sari Akaal Gurmustak ji, this is amazing, all the great pictures and the chakra..oh my Guru !!! how do they do it !!
    good to hear that so many mothers are expecting, see you all grew up together, now ur kids will all grow up together and then thier kids…isnt this awesome !!! may Satguru’s blessings always be upon u all.
    dhan Satguru.

  2. xSHANTIx says:

    so amazing….those kids will be blessed with a great sangat..and think of all the kiddies who will one day be at MPA!! That is trully a blessing to have so many people in your sangat expecting babies, keeping the Sikh Dharma blossoming! Vaheguru!