Gatka During Nagar Kirtan

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5 Responses to “Gatka During Nagar Kirtan”

  1. kiran says:

    Happy Vasakhi GM…

    Just to let u know that we had our nagar kirtan yestaday and that it was well fun the only downer was that it rained the celebrations were still in full swing!!!

    The Gatka demo looks well good…those guys make it look easy…:)

    lots of pyar


    Its 11* in London today and rain is expected later

  2. You guys are lucky that you have a really involved Sangat instead of a bunch of Sikhs who wear turbans yet shaves or just bow to Guru but have no devotion to the Words. I think other Sikhs from other parts slander because they dont want to be true GurSikhs thus others arent. I feel blessed to even know about you and never have met you.

  3. upinder kaur says:

    I have seen the Gatka performed by American Sikhs.I felt so much pleased and in Chardikala that I have no words to explain.I saw people in punjab going down and down and away from the Guru.I feel that some kind of wave is required in Punjab.May WAHEGURU bless you people for the good work.I also pray for Punjab sikhs .WAheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

  4. Anonymous says:

    incredible video…
    wish i were there!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    incredible, may waheguru bless sikhi with lots of sikhs like this, everybody should learn martial art.