Ok… many of you have heard of Prabhu Singh…but do you know his twin brother Hari Singh?? This is a picture of him. Before it was harder to tell them apart…but now they especially dress different so you can easily tell them apart.

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  1. Harpal Singh says:

    Veerji, Are you sure? It could be Veer Prabu Singh could have taken Veer Hari Singh’s place at that moment and could not see the difference.

  2. The look so exact. Once I was in Monterey and Jessica pointed out this guy that looked exactly like I do. At first I was like no and then turned around and was like oh my gosh. He was a twin of mine that I have never seen. I wouldnt have thought someone could look like I do, exactly. After a few minutes his wife poked him with her elbow and was telling him”Hey that guy looks just like you”. He did the same thing as I did, and didnt believe her but when he actually looked he was like wow. He came over and was talking to me for a while. Jessica was talking to his wife about how a small world this is. While we were talking about the world only having a certain amount of characteristics and recycled throughout humanity.Some change by cutting/shaving thier hair,growing a beard,dying the hair, wearing hats,wearing Turbans, also using drugs changes your facial features and most heavy drug users start to look the same or have thier own characteristics. It was wierd cause I never knew him but when I talked to him it felt like we were brothers or cousins or something.Weird stuff. Another time we saw a woman walking and I nudged Jessica with my elbow and she was even tripin out about how exact she looked to her featuers, but she didnt see us as she was crossing a busy street. She looked similar enough to have me start talking to her and asking why she was walking in that area alone, but find out shes not even Jessica.

    Seeing two people identical, somewhat common,seeing two Sikhs, rare, seeing two identical Sikhs is priceless. Hahaha I need to stop over hearing the t.v.

  3. Im off to see the Guru. The wonderful Guru of ours. Because because because because because, because of the wonderful things he does.

    I just got back from a long walk with smee family and smee in a good mood. SatNam
    Waheguru Ji ka KHalsa, Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  4. I dont think that Bhai Prabhu Singh jee and Bhai Hari Signh jee are “Identical Twins”? Are you, Bhai Prabhu or Bhai Hari?

  5. Prabhu Singh says:

    We’re not identical twins. If you look at a picture of me right next to a picture of Hari you’ll see we don’t look exactly alike.
    I’ve done an experiment in my life and realized with near 100% accuracy. Only the people who learn that we are twins confuse us, the people who meet us separately have never confused the two of us.