Spirit Voyage Idol

I just got word that my friends at Spirit Voyage Music are going to host a fun “Spirit Voyage Idol” this summer at the Summer Solstice Camp here in Espanola, New Mexico (USA). Spirit Voyage Music is the same company that Snatam Kaur is with. This is awesome that they are doing this. There are many young talented musicians out there who I have been wishing recorded a CD. Now one might get a chance at it for free! Are you wanting to participate? Come visit us and join in the camp!

Are you coming to Espanola this summer for Summer Solstice camp? Already I have heard from a good number of Sikhs that are coming to the camp from England, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, South America, Mexico, South America, Canada, and America. It’s going to be an awesome summer. If any of you are interested and considering coming but because of financial reasons wouldn’t be able to, let me know because I might be able to get you a discount. Email Me

Here is the information from the Spirit Voyage Website:
“Do you have a great voice, stage presence and the ability to use Kirtan & Mantras to uplift an audience? Try Out For Spirit Voyage Idol!

Spirit Voyage is looking for a vibrant, fresh voice to introduce to the chant market and will be hosting Spirit Voyage Idol this Summer at Solstice.

The Spirit Voyage Idol winner will be awarded a $5000 recording contract with Spirit Voyage Records, a $500 Cash Prize, and musical mentoring with Snatam Kaur & GuruGanesha Singh”

View The Full Details and to Register to participate in “Spirit Voyage Idol”

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  1. Teji Kaur says:

    Guru Fateh Uncle Ji
    Hi .My name is Tejkaran Kaur.I would like to know if I can do Seva on The Sikh Youth Forum.I have dealt with issues such as hair,bullying in schools,meat ect..I have a deep passion for Sikhi and want to help others.Please email me and let me know if I can help on the forum.My email adress is [email protected] you very much.Stay in Chardikala.
    Guru Rakha
    Tejkaran Kaur

  2. vjkkhalsa vjkfateh gurmustak paji,

    i think, for me anyway, the reason some stop updating is that it starts to show others too much about yourself and when i met those people ive read about, it seems kind of weirdly stalky, and even i see so many poeple start looking my way more. Keeping a bit more schum about one self, especially over the net is probably the best thing ever ive learnt coz it doesnt make others place a person like me on a pedestal or degarde either. Sikhi blogs just about sikhi are the ones that are wicked in the true sense, sikhlionz is a particular fav :)Go sikhlionz!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If she is attending it would be great to hear some more kirtan from Dalip Kaur

    Would be grateful if you posted it on this site if she does