Sikh Bloggers – Blog Overload?

Over the past year Sikhs all over the world have started blogs and have been journaling their experiences and lives. When I first started blogging in March 2005 I looked all over the web in search of other Sikh Bloggers, only to find a few and no central place to find them. I setup the Sikh Bloggers Page on SikhiWiki to serve as a directory for other Sikh related blogs, so that it would be easier for people to find and be found.

Now more than a year later there are so many Sikh blogs out there and it proves challenging to keep up with all of them and know which ones are interesting. New blogs pop up almost daily. When I look at the Sikh Bloggers page it can be overwhelming. As you get more and more listings it becomes harder to set them all apart and know which ones might be of interest. Also, some people start a blog but stop updating it after a short period of time….so many of the blogs might already be abandoned.

So…here is the challenge I put out to you all in hope of improving the Sikh Blog space by featuring some of the good Sikh blogs that others might not know of. Currently there are some featured blogs listed on the top of the Sikh blogger page, however this has not been updated for ages and most are featured by the bloggers themselves. The task at hand is for someone to go through the list of blogs and pick out the unique blogs that you feel stand out from the crowd and then write a few sentences about them. Please don’t feature your own blog as that is a conflict of interest.

The purpose is to highlight some of the more interesting blogs that are updated regularly and provide some information about each of them.

Read to Get Started? Head on over to SikhiWiki Sikh Bloggers Page and start browsing through the blogs. Suggested featured blogs could be first added to the “Discussion” area of the blogger page (because there may be others also helping with this), before the final list replacing the existing featured blogs.

16 Responses to “Sikh Bloggers – Blog Overload?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think everyone was so impressed with your blog that they just had to make their own :-)

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    ^^ That’s what I did.
    Well I was impressed with Gurumustuk’s and I figured there are a lot of beautiful things in my life which I could share.

  3. Anonymous says:

    …you have indeed inspired many to begin blogging, share their experiences re sikhi and speaking about myself, i have also gained a lot,
    once again, sincere thanks.

  4. I agree with all the comments. Bhaji Gurumustuk Singh jee, everyone has been inspired by blog which motivated others to share their experiences of being a Sikh.

    May Guru Ji keep you in Chardikala and continue to keep SikhNet and all other projects successful :)

  5. Jagjit Singh says:

    I personally was inspired by ur blog as well..

    You are one of the front guys of SikhNET and myself am one of the sewadars of S.N.S.Malaysia

    How you inspire people with your blog. I hope to do the same in this part of the world!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Sikh bloggers are doing an enormous sewa, no doubt about it.

    Safeguarding the Sikh interests from the pressures of MNCs (Multi National Corporations) is the biggest challenge facing those involved in sewa.

    In case of a clash between Panthic interests and personal rewards – most leaders, past and present, have opted for the latter. It remains to be seen whether or not the new generation can break this less than flattering pattern.

    The Sikh freedom fighters and a lot of AKJ members do have the distinction of overriding the norms – so it’s not that there are no role models.

  7. errantking says:

    Maybe this could take a more organized effort? There are a lot of blogs on that page!

    If I could make a suggestion: maybe get 5-10 volunteers signed up (I’d be willing) to go through a share of the blogs, and report back by a set date on each blog as it pertains to topics of the blog, how often it’s been updated, when it’s been updated last, geographic location etc. From that, you can create a new and perhaps more formal list that would make a great reference.

  8. errantking: Yesterday I was looking for some method for automatically sorting blogs by “last modified” so that you could see active blogs. I have not yet found a solution.

    I went through all the blogs yesterday and though there are quite a few on the list, a smaller percentage are updated on a regular basis or have content that is really interesting.

    I think efforts would be best spent probably in featuring the blogs that are interesting and updated on a regular basis. I think I will also start to feature a blogger on SikhNet which should increase awareness of other blogs. Hopefully this will encourage those committed bloggers to continue their hard work and inspire other bloggers to improve.

  9. errantking says:

    Great ideas, Gurumustuk. This is why you’re Mr. SikhNet. :) Maybe another idea is once you’ve identified the blogs you want to feature, you can use their RSS feeds (most should have them) to feature their headlines automatically on a page. That would be a great way to pick up content also see what’s on the minds of Sikhs who are blogging as a group, and it would almost be like an online magazine.

    If you need any kind of help in this endeavor, certainly let me know.

  10. errantking: This is a great idea. Last week I was trying to do something like this for myself personally so I could better manage and keep up with the Sikh blog world.

    The main issues I was dealing with is that I wanted something that handled multimedia (video) and didn’t strip off too much by seeing the content through some other interface.

    This would be a cool thing to setup a some type of group RSS agregator for some of the good blogs that could be public. If you have the time and skills why don’t you figure something out and set it up? I think this would be cool. Let me know..

  11. I’m happy to build a multi-feed rss. Its known as an OPML – Basically its a way of bringing together all feeds into one.
    I have a life-time subscription to a service that allows one to build the actual file.
    I’ll look more into it and send you an email about it.
    All the best & Thanks for bringing the world together with technology that supports humanity!

  12. Jagjit Singh says:

    maybe you can have a section on your blog which has all the recently updated sikhi related blogs which are in sikiwiki..

    and maybe we can use that in our blogs as well?? i know nothin about IT so I cannot help much.. Just know how to copy n paste the HTML codes :)

  13. Jagjit Singh… I am testing a service called: which is for creating blog lists….and I have it sort the blogs by last updated. I am using this for the blog lists on my site.

  14. I’m happy to compile the consolidated feed if we someonecan get all the rss urls to me.
    I can enter them into the service I use at webpasties. Then we can get a piece of HTML that be inserted into a blog or website.

    I’ll set-up a test one over the next few days and place it at my Sikhwithin blog.

    Happy to help.

  15. Just throwing in a idea here, having the directory of blogs in SikhiWiki is great, maybe to take a step up would be a webportal that builds the Sikh Blogger Community. Someting like the 9rules blog network.

  16. errantking says:

    Gurumustuk: I’ll try to look into that and see if there’s such an option, though I’m not much of a techie :) Seems like there’s some good suggestions here though. I think it’s something that definitely has potential.