Back Home

Well… I am back home and re-united with my family. It’s really great to be with them again. Arjan’s tummy is bigger than ever with our child (she’s pregnant). I got back really late Saturday night (sunday morning). It was weird, I left Singapore at about 4:20PM…and landed in Los Angeles around 4:10 on the same day. We reversed time!

We had a Baisakhi celebration here in Espanola but I was so tired that I was only able to be there for the Nagar kirtan and then went home to rest. There was a huge Baisakhi celebration in Los Angeles at the convention center and we broadcast this Gurdwara live on SikhNet. So I just had my laptop next to my bed playing. I would hear the kirtan as I faded in and out of sleep.

The past two days I have felt really bad. More than your normal jetlag fatigue. Been exhausted, feverish and skin aching all over. I’m feeling a little better this morning. It’s hard feeling like this. It makes me think about some people who are really sick and in pain all the time. Makes me thankful for my normal good health. I hope to be back to normal soon.

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  1. Happy Vaisakhi Bhai Sahib :)

    Hope you get well soon and recover from your journey.

  2. I can imagine the tiredness you feel from the journey. The jetlag, the busy schedule. But at least yours was a 14-15 hrs continous flight. When we go to India, the total time comes to 20 – 22 hrs or more depending on the time between the flights. 8-9 hrs each, for both the flights and 4-6 hrs of time betn the flight change. Then upon reaching India, we dont even get time to get over with our jet lag as we have so many friends and relatives to visit. And by the time we get comfortable with the change in time zones, it is time for us to get back to North America.

    But I’m sure despite these small things you must have enjoyed your trip to the fullest as we do when we go to India. Please share more about your trip in the days to come.

    Chardi Kala…

    PS. I came to know that there is a flight I think it is AA, that flies from Chicago to New Delhi straight, 15-16 hrs… I’ll try that next time when I go to India.

  3. xSHANTIx says:

    hope u feel better soon! the whole of glasgow is ill too!! i feel like i spend more time at the doctors than at home recently! everyone in my street has fever and sickness and this bizarre skin rash…goodness knows what it is!! the doctors don’t even know. perhaps its a worldwide virus!!!!! hope urs clears up fast!! being sick isnt nice! take care.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like GM has attained a celebrity status befitting movie stars. Millions of people start praying for Amitabh Bachan’s good health when he has something as trivial as flue like symptoms.

    Guys & Gals, just relax!!! Nothing to worry about. Let GM rest, spend time with his family. He has been back for only a few days after a gruelling journey of two countries. Trust me – everything will be OK!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk Jee,
    Can you please post the videos of the Vaisakhi celebrations in LA and in New Mexico.

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Puja says:

    hey everyone come on now lets be nice.
    Gurumustak ji get well soon, yeah being sick is horrible. i have had cold, and sore throat for a few days, and today i skipped my astronomy lecture cuz i m sick. oh Guru !!!
    ight, Dhan Satguru

  8. Anonymous says:

    Waheguruji ka khalsa Waheguruji ki fateh
    hope by now u must be absolutely fit and fine. how is ur wife arjan. we lov what u write,thoughts so pure.but…
    one thing pinches me, being a indian sardarni i feel, the white sikhs biased. y r there no American-indians in any of ur pics. I am sorry veerji if i upset u by my comment. but i feel belittled y cant the community work together for the progress of sikhs.please help in clearing my doubts veerji. i would lov to meet all of u when u com to India. i am sorry again if my comments hurt ay of ur sentiments.
    ur sister