Loose Change

I’m taking a break from Travels in Singapore today (I’m still here). This post is a little different than my normal ones but I thought it was interesting enough to share. So much of the media and general public relate to the “attacks” on Sept. 11th (World Trade Center) to be terrorist attacks (Osama Bin Laden, etc), and as a result media flash tons of images of Osama and his followers. This causes the whole issue of mis-representation of Sikhs.

To put a twist on all this, watch this excellent video when you have some time. It is amazing to see this video and the questions that are raised. So many compelling things are brought up that you really start to wonder about all this. What’s going on in this world?? I recommend that you watch it (especially if you are American!). Watch it…and come to your own conclusions. I think it is best to be vigilant and aware in these times.

“Loose Change is the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today. This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government. Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day.”

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  1. Prabhu Singh says:

    You want to see another crazy video watch this one:
    I had heard this before, but never saw all the evidence like this before.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My God! Wow… what’s happening to our country, what to believe, who do we believe…

    I’m speechless.

  3. Anonymous says:

    only god can save us

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe this. I am now getting a sense of fear in my mind that what is going to happen to this country. On the other side we are attacking Iraq and pretty soon Iran for almost no reason. May “God bless America”

  5. Guruka Singh says:

    Think about it with a cool head. It all makes sense. Read this article for instance: http://tinyurl.com/zm35c

    It becomes easy to put all the pieces together. The plan for these wars was in place long before 9/11. This was the only way to get support for it. Pearl Harbor was the reason we entered WWII. History shows that the only way is to have the USA be attacked first. The world is being polarized in preparation for a great change of consciousness. God is still pulling back the bow. It’s all part of His plan, not that of mere men. Those who will be the support of millions in pain will be those who have the Shabd Guru. Those who can remain graceful under the most ungraceful of conditions. A great change is upon us and there’s no going back. 960 million we will be! Raj Karega Khalsa.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Sat Shri Akal Guruka Singhji
    I feel Great and Nice to see U once again!!!Where u were???
    I hope U will be here with us for a longer time!!!!

    With warm regards.

  7. Hareet Singh says:

    You can not really believe that our government *wanted* these attacks JUST to invade Iraq and start these wars?

    Those wars were a clear byproduct.
    YES, we have wanted to invade with IRAQ for a long time, but to believe that these attacks were “organized” and that our government played a part in them is utterly ridiculous. We even bombed Iraq during Clinton’s administration — remember that? Or wait, more people had money in their pockets so they were busy spending it….and worrying about the Columbine school shootings because Clinton decided to bomb on the same day as the school shooting.

    The WAY our government played a part in the attacks started a long time ago when they started making enemies and ties with the wrong people. Our government also used shady tactics to get the Saudis out of the country when everyone else was not allowed to fly. That was to keep cultural sensitivity with a group of men who have a very big share in our economy, even in the Presidents’ pocket. BUT, our government, in NO WAY planned or aided in the attack — that is just foolish and continues to go on with this thinking that “America is the bad guy” or “America sucks” phenomenon that has swept across our own nation.

    Even the first quotes on “Loose Change” state how some people said there were many warnings, and others said there were none. This is exactly what happens when you have a team of individuals, all of them analyze documents differently. Isn’t this what the government wants out of all its employees, different views and different opinions. There were “warnings” but no clear-cut “Im going to fly a plane” type warnings.

    In no way is our government GOD-like, they just as much humans, and have just as much want/need for more money was others. But, to think that the elected leader of the free world would sacrifice 3,000+ humans for oil/money or to remain connections with the Saudis is foolish.

    I really hate this new wave of “It’s America’s Fault” that has swept across our great nation.

    People bash Bush for no reason sometimes.

  8. I have seen both the videos, this one and the one refered to by Bhai Prabhu. It brings certain amount of thought to mind and raises a lot of questions, espesially, illegal distruction of evidence, collapsing of the towers in a demolition style as opposed to simply toppling over, collapse/Demolition of building #7 @ 5.30 pm that had not been hit by terrorists and no considrable fire was reported in it either, no debris of 757 found in pentagon wing hit by it… etc… etc…

    Where there is smoke, there is a fire. Who will police the police….

    If the government is clean, they shsould have no objection in re-investigating (although most of the evidence has been destroyed) of all these doubts so that people can have their answers.

  9. Hareet Singh: Did you watch the whole video? If not watch it and see the questions raised. It is not just one or two things but a whole slew of questions that are raised. I have no doubt that there is something going on and coverup of lots of things for some reason. This is not about bashing bush or the Government. I think it is about being conscious and aware of things going on around us. Most americans are “sleeping” and are fed what coporate america wants us to see and hear. It is our duty to question things and stand up to things which are wrong. It is also important because the actions of the government have indirectly been effecting the Sikhs.

  10. Ranjeev says:

    Please, please, please…with all respect for this discussion…it is over a cartoonish video produced by the"far out" left.
    Get beyond the emotion, analyze the facts. The "facts" suggested by this "hack job" are not only impossible, they are almost comical.
    I personally dislike this big government administration(why don't we eliminate DOE, Education and Commerce Depts.?)and the way they waste our money….but I certainly don't buy what the crazy left is selling.
    Smaller Government anyone?

  11. Prabhu Singh says:

    How can anybody watch this video and not realize the true facts?
    Fact 1: It was not possible to make crystal clear calls from cell phones on commercial airlines until 2004.
    Fact 2: The hole in the pentagon was not big enough for a commercial airline to fit through.
    Fact 3: The steel at the bottom of the towers had been melted.
    There are too many facts. Watch the video and see where it shows a close up of the smoke coming out of the building before the top reaches there. Clearly showing things being set off before the top collapsed.
    Also if there was no warning, how come 30% of the work force in the towers was missing that day?
    How did three buildings completely collapse (demolition style) with a fire burning at the top? Larry Silverstien said on PBS that they decided to ‘pull’ building 7, because the fire was burning out of control. Usually it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to set up a demolition like that in a building like tower 7. How did they do it in a matter of a few minutes with an out of control fire at the top of the building?
    There are too many questions. Don’t let political biases cloud the reality. It’s scientifically impossible that the bottom of the world trade center would have melted columns from a plane that hit 90 floors above. Just explain that.

  12. Hareet Singh says:

    Interesting discussion we have here…

    let’s keep it going.

    “Fact 2” Prabhu Singh, is just bogus.
    A commercial airliner hit the Pentagon and made that hole. I’ve seen that UK video which was created by anti-Americans and hardcore leftists.
    Seriously though, where did the people go that were scheduled to be on what we think was the “commercial airliner” that hit the pentagon, if we claim the hole was caused by another plane.
    The pentagon was struck by the exact plane that everyone assumes it was, there is too much evidence for this.

    As far as Fact 3 is concerned. Before I answer your question, I will watch your video in its entirety on Saturday when I get back from Michigan.

    Everyone else feel free to discuss, and I will post more when I get back.

  13. Prabhu Singh says:

    Just stating that fact 2 is bogus does nothing.

    “The pentagon was struck by the exact plane that everyone assumes it was, there is too much evidence for this.”

    All the evidence I’ve seen points against this. What about skid marks? What about no one hearing a plane over head (a huge commercial airliner)? How did it make a 270 degree turn to hit the empty part of the pentagon? How can the pieces of the plane disintegrate? Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to turn metal into gas.

    People who have aligned themselves with political parties (and or Bush) have to find a way to justify things. This is why my only true allegiance is to the Guru. Nobody except the Guru can fully represent what I believe in. When the different political parties I vote for do things wrong I don’t forgive them or try to see it as right. My allegiance is to the truth.
    Do people honestly believe that other people ‘hate freedom?’
    Also how can anybody really be Anti-American, what does that mean even? There’s so much to America (North and South).
    The 9/11 report says building 7 came down due to unknown factors (or something like that). The owner says they pulled it. The ‘truthful’ 9/11 comission can’t even watch PBS?
    Being blinded by political allegiances is unfortunate, but there’s no denying that we don’t know all that was going on that day.

    I did want to mention something about smaller government. And that is Bush created the largest government organization in the history of mankind (the Department of Homeland Security).
    I’ve tried to take things at face value before. Democrats say they are the party of the people. Well ‘the people’ are suffering. Republicans say they care about morals. Well killing innocents in ‘pre-emptive’ strikes is not moral.
    Both platforms have things that are nice, but the reality is politicians are not serving any body. America is a great country with great diversity and kind people. However we have rampant ignorance, and people at the top of government, business, media, etc. are taking advantage of the ignorant.

  14. No one is blaming anyone (i.e. Government) in this discussion. We cannot do that until we see the proof. And that I believe it is not possible as most of the evidence has been destroyed. All I am saying is that if government has nothing to fear off, then re open the 9/11 investigation and conduct it like they spent time and money on Clinton’s affair. This matter (9/11) is more important than personal life of any president as it concerns people of America. No President, or a high profile person died in the Attack on America. It was the common American who suffered. And (American) Sikhs had been hurt twice. One when the America was under attack (by so called Terrorists) and then by the fellow Americans.

    So to be just to the Americans who have died in the Attacks, and the war on terror, it is in the interest of the nation to re-open the 9/11 investigations.

    I read a bumper sticker that said, “Clinton lied nobody died, Bush lied people died�.