“Saturday Night Live” Workshop in Singapore

On Saturday night I held a workshop at Gurdwara Silat Road, here in Singapore and shared a lot of thoughts, experiences from my life, inspirations and things which have made a difference in my life. We did some meditation and I talked a bit about the mind and meditation. As well as the power of your breath and how it effects your every day emotional state and how simple breath excercises can relax and change your whole state of mind. I also shared about the impact of your words, thoughts and sound vibration. How these can impact yourself and better understanding this so that you are more concious of your words and the “vibrations” that you surround yourself with.

Overall I thought the workshop went quite well. I hope the people that participated benefited from it. Here are a few more photos from the night.

3 Responses to ““Saturday Night Live” Workshop in Singapore”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha

    sorry i couldnt help laughing. its kind of hilarious that you were speaking about the power of breath whereas blowing into a bagpipe sometime back had made you dizzy,no offence meant, maybe you will the humour in it. if not, i am sorry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    looking at all these images of Singapore…..it suddenly hit me as to how much i really miss Singapore whilst being in a foreign land for so long…..

    balwinder kaur

  3. Rajesh Singh Dhillon says:

    I read with much enthusiasm on yr stay in Singapore, well simply because its home for me, this vashaki is by far the most challenging and one where I am most immersed in. there are several reason for this, Firstly being away from my family, I am in Bahrain for almost 7 weeks now and have 4 more to go before heading home. Secondly having to arrange for a fellow Sikh to go home because of the dismiss of his father, thirdly having had suffered a loss in my family myself while being away from my dear ones and lastly being amongst a group of Sikhs in Bahrain trying so hard to practice their faith in a dominantly Muslim country.

    I thank you brother for sharing your thoughts on the faith to the fellow Singaporeans, today we lose a lot of our youth to the trendy religions where the religion is simplified and traditions not so elaborate but there is a group of youth in Singapore working hard and dedicating their free time to strengthen the bond of our Sikh faith and way of life. I salute these group and I salute you all at Sikh net. It is definitely an icon in molding the Sikh way of life.

    Thank you