Morning Sadhana out on the balcony. It’s been so nice just waking up in the morning and walking out onto the balcony. I then do my daily sadhana outside as the sun rises. In the distance I hear some of the muslim prayers being broadcasted from nearby temples. Then as the sun rises some very unique sounding birds and the sounds of the fountain in the garden. It is quite peacefull.

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  1. Gombesa says:

    I just got back from Pheonix,Arizona and am on my way at Sadhana time to Portland,Oregon driving. When I flew to Arizona I thought people would be kinda dumb at the airport but I was suprized only a couple of people even looked at me dumb. Ill fly back from Oregon and wont feel like everyone will be staring.

    At the Gurdwara I always attend I asked BabaJi to have installed a speaker outside to broadcast the whole day{like Amritsar} Paath and kirtan.Its out in the country so we only hear traffic flying by so it works out really cool.I told him it would make people who come to the Gurdwara humble themselves before going in or scatter the people who stay outside and talk and mess around{they mess up the vibe for people walking up to the Gurdwara and Langar} If they talk over the speaker then they talk over the GURU.I love hearing kirtan before seeing the Sangat.