Hasta Luego Mi Amigos (See you later my friends)

Ok…that time is here. I’m off to the airport pretty soon to go to Singapore/Malaysia. I’ll be in the airplane for the next 20+ hours. I hope for a smooth and safe journey!

For the next few weeks I won’t be updating this blog on a daily basis like I normally do. I’ll post pictures and notes from my travels whenever I can. If you would like to be notified when I update the blog click on the below image and enter your email. You’ll get an email when the blog is updated. I use this service to keep track of all the blogs that I read. I like to keep up with the happenings in the “Sikh Blogsphere” :)

In other areas….Last week we had another “Secretariat Meeting” which is a gathering of all our local non-profit organizations (Sikh Dharma, SikhNet, 3HO, IKYTA, KRI, etc) in a continued effort to create leadership and unification. This meeting was another one organized by our Professional Sikh Leadership Group. In this meeting we were taking our ideas from the previous meeting and taking steps to implement them within our business/organizations. We all split up into about 5-6 groups; each having one particular area to work on. Our task was to come up with an proposal to make the ideas a reality within our work environment. I was in the group which had the area of “Inter-Generational” issues (youth taking on leadership roles, older generations passing the responsibilities on to the youth, mentorship, etc). We came up with three proposals which we then had to present to the group at the end. In the last bit of time our group decided to make up short poems relating to each proposal. So, today I leave you with these little poems from the meetings…..

Cross-generational relationships:
The Secretariat loves to see,
Cross-generational unity,
We work together,
And share together,
God, You, and Me.
We’ve set our intention,
To focus our attention,
On inter-generational harmony.

Well of wisdom
From the well of wisdom, we drink,
The place we come to share and think,
Rising from the well,
The elders come to tell,
What experience has wrought,
The lessons god has taught,
So the youth may carry on,
With the elder’s spirit in their song.

Creating hospitality,
We impart the reality,
That nurtures vitality,
And welcomes the new,
Into our Loving stew.

Picture of the everyone in the meetings

6 Responses to “Hasta Luego Mi Amigos (See you later my friends)”

  1. Sat Shri Akal!

    Have a safe trip Gurumustuk Ji!!
    God bless you

  2. Puja says:

    Sat Sari Akaal, i hope u have a safe journey, and come back home safely.
    Dhan Satguru.

  3. Gombesa says:

    This comment is off this subject but has a very good point. Please visit my blog and comment what you think of it please.Sorry for going off this topic but to me is very important. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh


  4. Angad Singh says:

    come on over mate..let the party begin!!!

  5. “Hasta la vista Gurumustuk Ji”
    Feliz viaje :-)

  6. Siri Dyal says: