Beautiful Skies and Sunsets…

The Gurdwara with the orange clouds from the sunset.

This was the same evening that Prabhu Singh got these amazing pictuars of the red clouds. The thing about New Mexico is that you have so much wide open space and AMAZING skies. There are always some beautiful skyscapes. We don’t have lush green…. but we It is very beautiful in a whole different way.

3 Responses to “Beautiful Skies and Sunsets…”

  1. Gombesa says:

    Wow that is a very very beautiful pic.The architecture and dome. After that FACT the sky is also beautiful.

    Waheguruji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh!

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    Hey Gurumustuk we do have lush green!
    It’s just not in the desert. You’re making the same stereotype that so many others make that New Mexico is one big desert. There is a lot of desert here and we do have to be careful with our water in the desert and the mountains, but we do have lush green places. Check here if you don’t believe me.

    P.S. Sorry if it seems like I’m giving you a hard time :-) I love New Mexico, the desert and the mountains. I kind of take it pretty serious when people make (incorrect) generalizations about New Mexico.

  3. Beautiful photo.

    THe Gurdwara and the Sky nicely captures the beauty of God :)