Sikh Youth Travel Exchange

I was just emailing with a friend from England who wants to come to the Summer Solstice camp here in Espanola. She had expressed that being "a student (and hence broke most of the time!)" can’t come. An idea that has been mulling in my head since I was in England popped in my head. Not many of us youth can afford to travel international very often without saving up for a long while. I myself was very fortunate to be able to travel to England last year. My airfare and travel wasn’t paid by a Gurdwara, rich person, or SikhNet. It was in fact paid by some Chardikala Singh’s/Kaurs, who are in students themself. I didn’t realize it till I got to England that 4-5 Sikh students all pitched in money and paid for my ticket to come to England. It was very inspiring and heartwarming to have this done for you by someone, and then to be able to have such a beautiful experience during my stay in England was awesome. It was a true gift that I will always be thankful for. Ok, so here I am thinking of all my friends here in Espanola that are longing to go out and connect with other Sikh youth in different parts of the world. At the same time, there are lots of Sikhs in other parts of the world that would love to visit Espanola, or other communities here in the USA. Over the past 30 some years there has not been so much "bridging" between Sikhs of Eastern and Western origin. The cultural differences and whatever other things maybe were too big of a jump for my parents generation. The world these days is so much closer and the youth are more open and accepting to differences. I think the timing is great for Sikhs of different backgrounds to start to merge and become more intertwined. The Sikh youth I think are the key to making this happen. So, my idea is that if youth in different cities around the world were to all pitch in some money together they could "sponsor" another Sikh youth from another cultural background (USA, South America, Spain, Mexico, etc) to come to their area. And vice versa. Each community has youth who would love to learn and have new experiences. This will help our two "worlds" collide and bridge, and at the same time allow us to learn from each other and dissolve boundaries. So, I guess that means I have to take my own idea and start rallying up a fund here in Espanola for someone to come out here. I’m curious to know what you all think about this idea and if you would want to do something like this in their area. International travel can range between $800-$1300…but split by a lot of youth over some period of time it could be very possible to raise the funds. Well…the idea is out; rest is up to those individuals who are inspired to connect and share with brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. Feel free to email me if you want to become part of the "Sikh Youth Travel Exchange" and are going to get involved in your city raising money for this. We can then co-ordinate details on who…where..when…etc.

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  1. Gombesa says:

    That sounds like a GRAND idea.It will sound very corny but I was in a kinda bad mood and was argueing with my wife over some stupid stuff{ a bag of clothes which I’m going to give away to someone in need of nice button up shirts that are brand new clothes I used to wear}

    Well I was listening to “Can you feel the love tonight” and I read the blog, and couldn’t help to feel the love through that thought of people sponsering anyone to go to the camp. I am someone who cant afford to go but will give up my any chance of going just to see how people get there. Thats so cool people will do that. LOVE GOD IS ONE.Time for Kirtan Sohila

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sat Sri Akal:

    If I may slander (or upgrade) a worn out cliche:

    Sikhi: Just Do It!!!

    Sounds wonderful. There is so much passion in the youth of today…why should not they meet together and gain from each other’s life experiences and expeditions in Sikhism?

    Keep them wheels turning…sooner or later, initiatives like these will spread Sikhi all across the globe.

    Grand Moorakh M.

  3. Hardie says:

    I must compliment you that you are never short of gr8 idea’s. Well Done. I believe like myself, every1 would like to be a part of this great idea. Please let us know whats the way forward.
    Singh from Joburg.

  4. Sikhnet Team !!!
    SSA to all of you !!
    When are you going to post details of summer solistice camp? are you going to offer some discount rates for early birds? CHANGA SSA TO ALL ONCE AGAIN @

  5. Hardie: You don’t need a plan for me. This is eniterly up to you and people in your area. Like Anonymous said… just do it! If you are able to collect enough money for this…then you could then decide as a group where you might like to invite someone to come from. This is not a centrally organized thing. It’s just an idea and if people think it is usefull and run with it then great.

    Mohinder Singh – In regards to more information about Summer solstice camp…you can read this document which gives some general details of what to expect. The 3HO events staff has been trying their best to get more information online, but they are very short staffed right now. A friend of mine is going to write up some more general information, but that probably won’t go up for a couple weeks.

    If you are seriously interested in coming and money is a major issue then please send me an email and I will see what I can do for you.

    If you are planning to come…email me too…since I am trying to co-ordinate a “welcome” group so that some of the youth here can assist those of you who come and get everyone together.

  6. Prabhu Singh says:

    Someday I’ll have a big house and invite everybody to come stay with me. Until then I could probably only host one person in my place. I figure if somebody asks me at solstice and they’re not scared of my neighborhood I should have at least one guest this summer. Unfortunately until I’m married I can only host a man or a married couple. (I wouldn’t really ever turn anybody away though)
    I like Gurumustuk’s idea of a fund for helping Sikhs travel. That sounds awesome. I’ll definitely donate. I could probably afford to buy at least one ticket for somebody to fly out here. People just got to let the big man (Mr. Sikhnet) know what’s what. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of people this summer.

  7. rajpreetsingh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa wahguru ji ke fathe
    u r doing a greatwork and u will shurly succed in sikh exchangs ji if i can be a member so it is a great privaleg for us ji [email protected]

  8. gurudarshan says:

    I think this is a great idea – I would love to contribute, host, or travel! I agree that our consciousness in numbers makes us stronger. We all have amazing ideas to contribute with our respective cultural, economic, social, geographical backgrounds. There are so many differences as well as so many similarities as we are all aspects of the One God = Ek Ong Kaar. It is also now time for the youth to step up and connect and know our capacity all over the globe to really support equality, awareness, and great spirit to the future. I have a funny thought that in our future, all by the Guru’s will, we are going to be prosperous beyond belief – and this leads me to the next question: with all of this prosperity, what do we want to create with it, how do we want to serve Mother earth, eachother, our friends, our neighbors, those in need, etc. So, we must act now and start connecting to eachother.

  9. Great idea, would like to be a part of “Sikh Youth Travel Exchange” and travel to meet what like minded souls are doing for our community.