Weekend Happenings and SNOW!!

Narayan walking in the snow.

This weekend there sure was a lot going on! On Saturday there were two birthday parties (Breakfast and Lunch parties) and then in the evening Kirtan to celebrate the welcoming of the new baby of Hari Guhn Kaur and Siri Darshan Singh. Then on Sunday we were surprised to wake up and having it snowing! Yipeee!! This has been one of the worst winters since I can remember (almost no rain/snow) and supposedly it hasn’t been this dry during this time of year since the late 1800’s. Yikes! We count on all the rain and snowfall for our water, so if it doesn’t come…then we have major drought conditions. It seems that these days there are all the weather extremes. Either too much rain…in some place…or not enough in others.

Hey Kiren…sends some of that UK rain to us, will you?! You seem to be the weather girl..with your signature UK weather reports. When I went to England It was so nice to have it rain. Here in New Mexico we get 99.9% beautiful clear sunny days. When it rains here…I sometimes go out and dance in the rain like a kid with joy. It’s nice having some variety in the weather.

4 Responses to “Weekend Happenings and SNOW!!”

  1. Angad Singh says:

    Aww what lovely pictures =)

  2. xSHANTIx says:

    fantastic pics, we had 8 inches of snow here the other day it was awesome, but u cudnt go anywhere coz it was too thick to wade through :D

  3. kiran says:

    Hey GM, how do? im cool, just wanted to let you know that it rained today and that my car got washed at the same time:), however, it was also quite cold, which for some reason did not compell me to go have a have dance under it….

    The snow looks really good though…I too wish we had sun shine all year round…too much cold and rain is sooo not good for health reasons…but hey im still alive and kicking. yippeeeee :)

    lots of pyar


    P.S it was 5* in London today. xx

  4. Kiren says:

    since one Kiran posted a comment, this Malaysian Kiren couldn’t resist!

    trust me Kiran sunshine all year round is over rated… Malaysia is like that and after a while it gets quite monotonous and uncomfortable. ever since i’ve come to london i’ve loved the changing seasons, there is always somehting to look forward to! the cold is especially lovely, the chill makes my ears and nose go red and keeps me awake and laughing… the feeling of being alive!!!!!

    i’m really hoping it will snow soon and hard in the next few days in london.. we haven’t had anything decent this year…

    hehe i can almost see londonders thinking: god this is one crazy girl :) what to do? i’ve spent a lifetime being deprived of the cold!