My Weekend

On friday my “Bruv” Raminderpal (AKA: Rumta/Ravi/Southall wale) gave us a visit here in Espanola, all the way from England. He has been doing some volenteer work in New York for the past few months. Now that he is finished he made a detour to check out the happenings in our little “pind”. We had an action packed weekend. Here are a few pictures from the past day or so.

Ravinderpal and Me after Gurdwara

It was such a nice day out, so we had langar outside on the grass after Gurdwara

Ravinderpal, Siri Chand, Gurujot and Prabhu

Ravinderpal and Siri Chand at my house

Last night we had a little get together our my house, ate pizza, talked about all kinds of stuff and then did some kirtan (practicing the shabads for Gurdwara).

Dharam was “practicing” with us with Narayan’s Baby Tablas. I thought it was pretty funny seeing huge dharam playing the super mini tablas.

Narayan, Sahib and Prabhujot Singh

The kids going ahead of Siri Guru Granth Sahib after Sukhasn.

My and my little guy Narayan….

This is a cool shot of Siri Chand. His bright orange turban and dark skin in the bright sun looked beautiful.

Dharam, Narayan and Himat Singh. The past two weeks Himat Singh has been tying a Damalla on Narayan. He loves it. It’s great for Narayan to have cool uncles to look up to and play with.

Vasu driving the car…

Eating Langar out on the grass after Gurdwara

Sahej Singh doing Ardas

Prabhu Singh during Ardas

Siri Chand Singh

Narayan with his Dhamalla Turban.

GuruDarbar Singh playing the Nagara drum during Ardas. Amar singh loves to also do it so Lakhmi Chand is helping him play the drum also.

Here we are doing kirtan at Gurdwara.

10 Responses to “My Weekend”

  1. Nice to photos of Rumta Bhaji :)

    I sure he is enjoying his trip.

  2. Anonymous says:

    vaheguru ji ka khalsa
    vaheguru ji ki fateh
    doing a WONDERFUL job.
    i’m so sacrifice to gursikhs like you. you are blessed by the Akalpurukh vaheguru..BECAUSE not a single leave moves without His HUKUM. is there anything better than spreading His NAAM.

  3. msingh says:

    Dhan dhan gursikh pyare.


  4. Gurjeet says:

    Sat Sri Akal Ji: Very nice photos. The kids look so cute.
    For months I have been checking to see if the Gurdwara in Espanola living Broadcast is up and running. It would have been very nice to see you all doing kirtan last sunday.
    Any idea when we will be able to see the Sunday live boardcast.
    thank you.
    Sat. Sri Akal

  5. Gurjeet: Back in my “younger” days when I didn’t have a family and had more time…I used to broadcast the Gurdwara every week. Then we had a major contruction of the Gurdwara to put marble floors and since then have stopped. It’s a lot of work to deal with the broadcast…camera….etc. I have been thinking about starting an audio version of the broadcast…and if we could purchase a mountable camera we could just fix it pointing in one direction so at least you get some of the visuals. It really comes down to the time…and the money for the equipment. I’m sure sooner or later we’ll get it back up. I have seen some cool webcams that someone can controll of the the web. That would be cool. If there was a big interest from people I would probably make more of an effort to get this going again.

  6. Kiren says:

    Dear Gurumustuk,

    those were lovely pictures of the sangat, Narayan looks like a little tiger!

    and Rumta when are you coming home lah? your london pind misses you and the southall broadway awaits :)


  7. H Sio says:

    Those are some amazing pics of our long lost brother, Rumta sio!!! If it is possible, could you please upload his kirtan, cause the whole of UK is waiting for those recordings with the Amreeekan Sikhs.

    Thanks in advance Gurmastak Singh Ji.

  8. I know Rumta is really missing home…but it sounds like he has been having a great experience beeing away.

    I wanted to post the kirtan yesterday…but was feeling really tired so didn’t have a chance. I’ll post some audio soon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gurfatehhhh jeeyooo
    Wicked and inspiring pictures of all the chardikala wale gursikhs and the cute children!!
    Rumtaa bhaaaji…ghar vappasss ajao hunn!!

    U all are soo bless, doing sewa for the panth!!!

    Gurmustuk bhaaji,..could u please upload Rumtas kirtan..! Would really appreciate that…


  10. Anonymous says:

    Gurfateh jeeyoo
    Wicked and beautiful picture of chardikala wale gursikhs and all the cute kids!!!
    Ur all sooo blessed…doing sewa for the panth!!
    Rumta bhaaji…ghar vapaas ajao hun!!

    Gurumustuk bhaaji…could u please upload rumtas kirtan? Thank u

    Wahegurooo bless u