Balvinder Singh – Reaching for Home

It seems these days more and more young Sikh musicians are bringing their creative talents, voices and energy into creating Sikh related music. I think it is awesome! I hope this trend continues and that they are supported by the Sikh community. Coming from a western background I love quite a variety of music. Much of what I listen to is either Gurbani or music that is a fusion of east and west. I think when you come from other cultures it is natural to have an influence on the music that is created. I love classical Kirtan…but I also love some of the music that young sikhs are creating these days. It gives variety for people of all ages to enjoy. Tonight I wanted to introduce the Sikh musician Balvinder Singh from Australia, who recently came out with his first CD Album titled "Reaching for Home". This album mixes western instruments and soothing voices to create a mellow and pensive atmosphere.

About Balvinder Singh
"I started learning Indian Classical music at a young age, initially by my father. I learnt classical tabla for a number of years and then went on to learn Sitar from a variety of ustads overseas. What motivates me is to break down the boundaries between music. I believe it is universal and as a first generation Australian, when I heard the sounds of Indian classical music I cant help but fuse it the music I have grown up in. I also would really like my music to help people; and Sikh scriptures have a beautiful message that I am trying to get to a wider audience. I am also trying to elevate the standard and push the boundaries of traditional kirtan, taking it to new levels." Here are three of the tracks from the CD to check out. If you like the music, please support Balvinder Singh by purchasing a CD online. The one thing I have realized in helping my mother with her CD is that making music can be a very time consuming and expensive process. So if we want more music then it is good to support these "budding" musicians.

Reaching for Home



Contact Balvinder Singh or Order the CD Ps. You can also hear a remix that I did of one of his tracks with some leadership affirmations by some of the Sikh youth here. Listen here. Also hear more of his music at:

7 Responses to “Balvinder Singh – Reaching for Home”

  1. Ravinder Singh says:

    This music is honestly some of the best i have ever heard. I just bought his CD and hope he creates more music.

    PS – I heard his music on the SikhWithin podcast

  2. Laurence Roland says:

    This music is really wonderful, i am sad i cannot buy the cd in my country…
    Could someone upload the cd, it would be kind…

  3. harpreet kaur says:

    omg, i really want his cd, but its a shame u cant buy it in the uk

    i dnt wana buy it on the net, because i have had bad experiences of buying stuff from the net :(:(:(:(:(

    oh i really want it

    its really good to meditate with

  4. Ravinder Singh says:

    Dear Laurance,

    Unfortunately i don’t think i will be able to upload it to the net due to copyright restrictions :(. But when you order the CD it does mention that it can be shipped anywhere internationally.

    Dear Harpreet,

    There is a link on his cd is also available on

    It really is too good!

  5. Laurence Roland says:

    Paji,Thanks for this idea, but i really don’t want to use credit card to buy something on the net…i am not griddy but i am carefull with hakers, and i am living in Belgium, so it would be very expensive for shipping…and if there is a problem it’s very difficult to complain…
    It would be very nice if you could upload the album with MEGAUPLOAD and give us the links…

  6. Taran says:

    I have been looking for the shabath “Naam” for a very long time. I would love to buy the CD, what is the fastest route it could come to Canada. Youe link to buying Cd’s does not work.

  7. Tajinder says:


    Beautiful Music and Mixing…
    Where can buy this CD in the UK? the links above aren’t working :(