Ok… I think most people know what a blog is by now, right? Many Sikhs (including myself) didn’t really understand what a blog was and all the “hype” about them. Now blogging is part of my every day routine and I realize how much of an impact a blog can have on people.

It’s been almost a year since I started blogging and there are now more Sikh Bloggers than ever! This is totally cool! Quite a few people start a blog and don’t get past a few posts before it picks up dust and “dies”. The people that stick with it and put their time and creative energy into it end up with interesting blogs that educate and entertain us all. I have my list of favorite blogs that I read on a daily basis. We have our growing “Sikh Blog Circle”.

Now that blogs are under your belt…are you ready for the next step? You may have heard of “Podcasting”…(or not). It is another cool way to create a radio style program or just about any audio/video content for people who can download automatically to their computer or MP3 player. All the audio and video that I post on this blog is posted to the MrSikhNet Podcast. You can subscribe to it on Itunes or many other services. Click Here for More information.

At this time there very few Sikh related podcasts on the internet. I know there are others that do Sikh related radio shows…but they don’t currently make the shows available online (as far as I know) which would expand their audience. Just about every major radio station these days that has a website also has a podcast version of it. I listen to all my favorite radio shows in my own time…rather than when it is “live”. Much more convenient for my busy life.

Other than the MrSikhNet Podcast I know of only one other sikh podcast online. The Sikh Within podcast was just launched and is hosted by Dr Savinder Singh, Rohin Singh and Kavleen Kaur. You can check it out at:

So….are you up for the creative challenge? Ready to start your own Sikhi podcast? Let’s see who steps up to the plate! :)

3 Responses to “Blogging…Podcasting…etc…”

  1. Many Thanks for the encouragement, it is so nice of you.

    A lot of the challenge is to get the Podcast together. For example, research (inc: quoting sources/ associated references / accurate information), scripting, technical set-up (getting the right kit and software to get the right quality), copyright adherence, accessible language and showing respect to those that will potentially listen. Saying all that there really is no holding back on humanities potential to be creative.

    All the best.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I run a podcast but it’s really really really not related to Sikhi.

  3. Sunny Singh says:

    Please check out for desi/Indian podcasts.

    Sunny Singh