Visiting Singapore and Malaysia (April)

I am excited to be able to visit the Sikh Sangat in Singapore and Malaysia at the end of next month. It is always such a great learning experience to meet and get involved in Sikh communities in different parts of the world. I am hoping to do a lot of networking and establish local relationships with various organizations so that we can all be more effective in promoting Sikhi.

I will be in Malaysia March 31st to participate in the big Kirtan festival (In Cheras) and staying for a few days afterwards to get involved with the community. I then travel back down to Singapore to do a workshop and participate in the Baisakhi celebration and other happenings (leaving April 15th). I am still working out the travel/schedule details so don’t know all the specifics yet.

The past few nights I have been working on a new DVD which is a compilation of some of the videos which I have posted on this blog and SikhNet. I’m not sure yet how I will distribute it…but for the mean time I hope to get a certain number produced (100-200) in Singapore/Malaysia to give in exchange for a donation to SikhNet. It’s a whole different thing having a high quality DVD that you can play on your TV!

If someone is interested in sponsoring the DVD to pay for duplication costs let me know. If we have a sponsor than I can get a lot more copies produced and potentially give them away, which will enable more people to have them. I am pretty much done with creating the NTSC version (for US/Canada) and now need to do the PAL format for Asia (since there are two different TV/Video standards). I’ve been busy with this…so haven’t had much time left to blog lately. I think we will also be doing some cool T-Shirts…but let’s see what happens.

Anyways… I’m excited. I had such a great experience on my last trip to England, and Asia is next. It really helps to get to know the Sikh communities in a personal way, which guides what we do at SikhNet and gives more support to us.

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  1. Alright finally you’re coming to Malaysia looking forward to meeting you at the Cheras Vesakhi Programme.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sat Sri Akal:

    You could try the PBS route. Offer the DVD to people who make a certain contribution level, and part of that contribution could be used to fund the DVD production. Similarly, you could also do the T-shirts as a thank you for a lower pledge amount.

  3. Sat Sari Akaal Gurmustak Ji, how are you ?? definately busy i can see. i m Puja from Ohio, of course u dont know me. i just wanted to say that i really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for posting all the intersting stuff. hope u enjoy your trip. May Satguru’s blessings be always upon you and your family.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions…

    It doesn’t cost that much to get DVDs duplicated. But every cost adds up and I thought someone might want to help in this way. Anyways… I’m not trying to convince people… I’m just offering the opportunity. If someone feels called to help in this way, then great. Guruji always works things out however they are supposed to…so I am not worried.

  5. Angad Singh says:

    Welcome to Singapore GMS

    looking forward to meet you!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Sat Sri Akal:

    Out of curiousity, how much we talking here?

  7. You can see the pricing here.
    DVD full color with case.

  8. Jagdeep says:

    Sat Sri Akal,

    It would be great to see you here in malaysia. Looking forward on the DVD, why dont you reproduce the DVD in Malaysia it will be much cheaper.

  9. Jagdeep: I am trying to find a professional place to do DVD duplication…but so far most of them only do quantities of 1000.

    If you can help…let me know

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can you please provide more information on Malaysia event? Is there a Web site for the event? Thanks.

  11. The organizers are You can probably contact someone through the website.

  12. Keshie Grewal says:

    WKWF Gurumustuk,

    I am an ex-student of GNFC Shangrila. I was there from year 1983 to 1990. Currently residing in Malaysia. I have been reading your blog since you started it last year and decided to just read it and leave no comments. Since i read that you are coming over to Malaysia for the Cheras programme I am looking forward to see you there and decided to introduce myself. I have seen a few of my senior as well as juniors photo on your blog. Wonder if you know my classmates. They were Ongkar Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, Sewak Kaur and a good friend Hari Krishan Kaur. Well I am making this too long so I will stop here.

    Keshie Kaur

  13. Keshie Kaur, I was there in Shangrila at the same time. I was there in 1983 too. Nirinjan/Onkaar, etc were a few years ahead of me though.

    Will be nice to meet you when I am there and share some of the old school stories…

  14. Maninderjit S Sidhu says:

    keshiv grewal are you keshmahinder grewal if you are this is your cousin Ninder

  15. keshie Grewal says:

    Hi Ninder,
    Yes I am your cousin. How are you?

    Looking forward to see you Gurumustak.

    Keshie Grewal

  16. maninderjit singh says:

    hi keshiv
    i am doinng good currently live in the states i never thought i would run into on the net.So how are things with you? here is my email
    [email protected] it would be great to hear from you