Bhai Chattar Singh – Doe Kar Jor Kari Benanti

One of my favorite Ragis is Bhai Chattar Singh. For me his music and singing has a certain meditative quality to it. I love the Asa Di Var that he plays too (I’ll post another time). Most of the music I have of him is from live recordings. Here is one track from one of the few “commercial” recordings I have heard. It’s a great track.

As you can tell I am a music/kirtan lover so like to share my favorites with you all :)

Musician: Bhai Chattar Singh
Shabad: Doe Kar Jor Kari Benanti (Size 7.8MB)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir,

    SikhRUs did the following
    Benanti at your feet.
    Would it be impolite to
    request you to kindly respond
    to his Benanti?

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    great post! I have question suggestion on Siknet news! Is there a way you can allow readers to post their views and comment on the news stories. This would be a good way to learn Sikh view on issues affecting the community. For example in your today’s news story “Fear and Loathing in Sikh country USA” , I feel it is little bit sensationalizing the issue, and wanted to know other people’s views, but felt there was no place to post views or comments on these stories. Sorry, did not want to take away from your blog post!

  2. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj

  3. sunny says:


    Could you please post “Asa Di Var” which you mentioned?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

    Just a small matter of correctness. As you are an avid kirtan lover Gurumustak Singh Ji, you will appreciate that a Raagi is one who sings kirtan in Guru Ji’s ordained title raags only, and not in any “self” chosen style. Could you kindly refer to non-raag singers as kirtani’s in future please. Many thanks. Daas.

  5. Balvinder Singh says:


    Veer Gurumustuk Singh Ji. superb post – Bhai Chattar Singh is one of my favourite Raagis as well. I have a number of live recordings of his visit to the UK in the late 1970’s (I think).
    A relative has asked me for a copy of this particular shabad, (in this exact reet) from that visit. I haven’t got around to digitising those recordings yet, so I will be sending him a link to your post in the interim.
    On the subject of correctness, and in reply to the post from anonymous – Bhai Chattar Singh is highly qualified and accomplished is Raag, every single one of the recordings I have, starts off the programme with a shabad sung in Raag, and a number are Partaals as well. Many are in “vade taal” (eg Teen Taal, Ek Taal, Soolfakta etc). He is also an excellent Parcharak and I have one recording where he coverrs the Rehatnama in detail in conjunction with the shabad “Rehni rahe, soee Sikh mera, oh Sahib, mein us ka chera”.

    I would love that all Kirtanis be Raagis and perform all their kirtan in raag at all times, and be Parcharaks of the highest calibre, but we should be practical as well.

  6. Harkirat Singh says:

    Re Bhai Balvinder Singh Ji’s comments (from England) – if I am able to assist in digitizing your precious kirtan recordings please contact me on [email protected].
    I live in Northampton England, and have recently purchased an audio tape digital convertor that can be used for this purpose should you not have one already. Gurfateh Jee.

  7. gagan says:

    this is for all those Sikhs that love Bhai chattar singhs here is a link to a site that has all of bhai chatter singhs kirten in order just download it or you can also listen to it online enjoyyyyyyy (there are 72 files )