SikhiWiki Gurdwara Map

Have you ever traveled to a city and wondered if there was a Gurdwara in the area? The SikhNet team has been working on a cool new project, with the help of Ad.WRIGHT. This is an exciting new service which will enable you to visually find Gurdwaras all around the world. You can search for locations and add your own Gurdwara to the map too.

Currently there are only a small subset of Gurdwaras listed, so we hope that you will check it out and add your Gurdwara to the map. All you need to do is register on SikhiWiki and then you can zoom in/or search to find your Gurdwara location. Then just double click on the spot, and a form will display to enter the info.

You can switch between “Map” mode, which just shows streets, cities, and road names, to “Satellite” mode which shows you actual satellite images of the world. You can also do the “Hybrid” version which will show both at the same time.

We have a lot of good ideas for expanding this. We plan to setup this system in a way that anyone can create a map on SikhiWiki for a variety of purposes. You could have a map of all the Sikh camps, Kirtan Samagams, all your friends, Aunties who will feed you food, Historical locations, etc. It’s really up to your imagination.

So help us expand this project by entering your Gurdwara and letting us know what you think about the project. We really want to make it a useful service and need your help.

Visit the Gurdwara Map Now

Gurdwara Map with the full world view

Once you are registered on SikhiWiki you can just zoom in and click on your Gurdwara and enter the information right there in the map window.

You can use the search feature to help quickly find a city or address.

When you click on any of the Nishaan Flags you will see information about the Gurdwara. Many Gurdwaras are close together so you need to zoom in to view all of them.

12 Responses to “SikhiWiki Gurdwara Map”

  1. Anonymous says:

    good stuff, theyve also had the exact samething on for a while now

  2. As far as I have seen, the Gurdwara map on gursikhijeevan is similar but we have taken a different approache for some things. The SikhiWiki map project has many more features and you can add your Gurdwara right there, edit it, change the location, do searches, and more stuff to come. It’s cool that they are have the same types of ideas…but we have a bigger vision in mind for the project (rather than just being for Gurdwaras). It is part of the SikhiWiki website which is more of an “open source” type project that the community can help build upon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh nice…. what other stuff can be added other than gurdwaras in the future?

  4. We’ll have to see what ideas for uses people might have that are Sikhi related. We hope to just create the tool…and then people can find uses for it in many ways.

  5. Ennis says:


    There’s a huge database of Gurdwara locations here:
    You can probably get them to give the whole thing to you in a text file, so that you can parse it into your program directly. Some sort of script would be much faster than having people input all 200+ gurdwaras by hand.

  6. Amarjot says:

    Wonderful, I already added two that I know in Wisconsin. I remember when I first moved here in US I had this idea but at that time internet was a “delicacy”. I am really glad that you implemented it. Satnam!!

  7. Ennis: Thanks for the info. SikhNet does have a directory of Gurdwaras at: but I think a lot of the information is outdated or incomplete. I think the main issue is how to get a large number of Gurdwaras inputted. I can easily do an import of the regular data. The challenge is that you have to get the logitude/latitude of the exact location. I’m not sure if this can be automated since address searches only work for some countries and there might be other issues.

    If anyone has any ideas or wants to help… I would love to hear them.


  8. Prabhu Singh says:

    FYI – The map isn’t working in Firefox.
    I just created an account on SikhiWiki. The Thursday langar was listed at 12:30 AM instead of PM.

    I hope to add more to Sikhiwiki. Parvinder Singh in Amritsar has great knowledge of many things in Sikhi. He has already sent me some nice pictures of a historic Gurdwara and he plans to send more in the future.

  9. manpreet says:

    Sorry, but i can’t get our gurdwara on the map.
    Is it not working for Europe?
    I asked help ( Gurujot Singh answered), but still i can’t get it on.
    Thank you!

  10. Ennis says:

    Gurumustuk –

    The database at should be more up to date.

    In any case, once you have all the addresses, I think there are programs that will convert US addresses to latitude and longitude, no? At worst, you could do something rough with the Zip codes. Given the size of the map, it doesn’t have to be exact. I’m sure there are programs to do that conversion, or a lookup table somewhere.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say that Dalip Kaur has truly been blessed by the Guru with a beautiful voice when she sings the Guru’s bani it sounds so beautiful

    I pray she continues to enjoy singing the Guru’s bani

  12. G.S.Guglani says:

    Gurdwara Map is a wonderful project which caters to objective of connecting sikhs worldwide.It also useful in coming years to preserve locations in longitude latitude on globe for historic sikh gurdwaras.
    I have contibuted many historic gurdwaras on site.

    Recently because of some technical fault in software of sikhiwiki pressing the click is storing new gurdwara at site.neithe it is possible to edit location.Administerators to site may kindly look into it at the earliest.

    I have all appreciation for the project and its usefulness to community worldover.