Time Flying and Life Passing by

I’m sure you have experienced time passing quickly and a feeling of life speeding by. One day you are in High school (10 grade/class) and the next "minute" you are married with kids and grandchildren. It’s amazing how fast life passes by. It’s Monday…and the week flies by…and then it is Monday all over again. Over and over this cycle goes and the years pass by. For some people this can be a very monotonous thing (if there is no excitement or drive in life).

Take a moment and imagine you are 80 years old and are looking back at your life. What have you accomplished? What have you spent your whole life doing? Are you happy and content? Are there things you wished you had done or done differently? Much of the times we do things for temporary satisfaction and pleasure, but are not lasting. We have our "wants" and attractions to "Maya". I think we all feel like there is more time and will live forever.

It is this feeling that allows us to push things aside and not do the things that are most important for us. We get carried by the day to day happenings (The "river of life" as I like to call it). We assume that we can always do certain things tomorrow or later on. The laziness is what keeps us from doing things that satisfy our higher self (your soul) and give you ultimate peace and satisfaction in life.

I work a lot, so for me I always have to check myself and make sure I don’t get carried away in the day to day things. It is easy to be a workaholic and not really enjoy life or your family. How many of you spend quality time with your children and take the time to teach them? We all have our things. For some it is becoming rich or famous, and others it is an escape or way of avoiding some reality and facing hard things in life.

The reality is that our life on this earth is limited. Any moment could be your last breath, even when you least expect it. So, it is important to cherish each day and be a good person.

There are a lot of things we all take for granted. It’s not till they are lost that you realize it. Simple things like having eyes, ears, legs, having food, job, etc. I encourage you to think about the gifts that God has given you in this life. Make a list of all the things, no matter how small. To often we focus on what we think we don’t have or want, and fail to see the many jewels that we already posses. Every time you eat your food or pray, try to remember these things and give thanks. God has given everyone some Gift and it is up to you to realize it and make use of it.

Your life energy is precious and can be used in many ways. Don’t get caught in gossip, slander, negativity which just drain you and spread like a virus. Use your life force to be kind to others, share smiles, joy, or whatever you can. The more you share and serve, the more your life will become filled with happiness.

Make yourself take the time to develop a connection with your soul. You feed your body and mind…but do you feed your soul? Commit to setting aside some amount of time EVERY DAY to feed your soul. Do banis, meditate, do simran, serve in your Gurdwara in some way. The key is action and consistency. I have posted this many times in the past…but if you want some more ideas try some of these.

Commit to something today. Tomorrow never comes and is always the next day. These little things can make a huge change in your life, but it requires action.

2 Responses to “Time Flying and Life Passing by”

  1. Bhai Gurumustak Singh jee,

    I will start with a brief “Sakhi� where Guru Nanak Dev jee asks Mardana that how far he thinks the death is from him. Mardana replied, Maharaj, I don’t know if I will see tomorrow or not. Guru Nanak Dev jee then said that O’ Bhai Mardana, you think if you will be able to see tomorrow or not, but actually, it is not certain that if one will see the next second of his/her life or not. Meaning, death walks as close with us as our own shadow. But we humans forget that we are going to die, and we don’t even know when it is going to be, but we still keep putting off the most important task that we came to achieve in this human form of life… to unite with the Supreme. It is also said in Bani that millions of Devis and Devtas yearn for the human life form (“Is dehi ko simrai dev�), as it is in human form only one can get merged with the Supreme.

    We take out time for all the activities that we profit from monetarily, or activities that give us momentary pleasure, but getting up in the early hours, take a shower, do Simiran (meditation), and nitnem etc. etc. is way low on the list of activities for a person like me. I also admire the Gurusikhs who are able to do this and live a balanced life as a true Sikh should and I hope that by Satguru’s grace one day I will also be able to live a true and balanced life as a Sikh and do it right whatever little I am doing to benefit my soul.

  2. Shinda says:

    Awesome post and comment.

    Thank you.