Featured MP3 Gurbani Clip

From time to time I like to share some of my favorite Gurbani MP3 files here on the blog. Tonight I would like to share a live recording of Bhai Anoop Singh with Guru Raj Kaur (and others as backup female vocals).

This a great lively and up-beat track of “Wahe Guru Simran”. I enjoy to sing and meditate with it. So, download it and get ready to sing out loud along with the music.

Want to Meditate? Try this
(first download the audio) Sit down somewhere private and quiet where you will not be disturbed. Sit up straight (on the floor or on a chair), make sure your spine is straight and shoulders relaxed. When you slouch over it blocks the energy from flowing up and down your body. Put on the music from this track and close your eyes. Hear the “Wahe Guru” chanting for a few repetitions, and then join in and sing along with it. Sing with energy and enthusiasm focusing your mind on the “Wahe Guru” Mantra. If your mind starts to wander just keep consciously bringing it back to focus on the “Wahe Guru”. Feel Wahe Guru fill your whole body and resonate in every cell of your being. Ang Sung Wahe Guru. Feel God is in every part of your body. Continue till the end of the audio (11 minutes) and then inhale deeply and hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale. Now just sit for a few minutes in silence and just meditate on the sound vibration of Wahe Guru echoing. Relax. :) Nice eh?

Title: Wahe Guru Simran
Musician: Bhai Anoop Singh and Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa
Download the MP3 (Size: 7.7MB / Length 11 minutes)

3 Responses to “Featured MP3 Gurbani Clip”

  1. Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!!

    This is soo soothing. Thanks for sharing.

    Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!!

  2. rajwant singh kalsi says:

    Wonderful indeed.

  3. kiran says:

    wow, you feel well relaxed afterwards…

    lots of pyar


    ps.. its cold and grey in London today…but mediating keeps you warm…just proved it!!!