Gurbani MP3 Pick – Bibi Baldev Kaur

Here is a variation by “Bibi Baldev Kaur” (female vocals) of a Simran track that I featured a long while back titled “Unknown Singh“.
The tune is the same but they only have female vocals in this one. For
some reason I missed this track before and didn’t notice it until
someone posted it on their blog. Lately I have been enjoying this quite
a bit as I drive around or meditate in the morning. It is 30 minutes
long and evolves over the time into different variations. At first when
I heard these tracks I thought they were moody…but then as I listened
to them more I really got into it and enjoyed. At about 8 minutes into
it you really feel the energy as the singer goes into a continuous
rhythm of chanting “Wahe Guru”. This is where I love to sing and just
bliss out. I am curious to know who made these two tracks. If anyone
knows please email me.

For a long time I have been wanting to create some simple audio
tracks of music with Simran/Chanting Waheguru (western style
instrumentation and sounds). I’ve been playing around with some audio
editing programs and it’s been a lot of good fun, but very time
consuming (where to find time with work and blogging?). It’s not easy
to make good music. When you start to make music you really appreciate
the effort and all the different things that go into a single music
track. Most people don’t notice all the subtleties. When I hear music
now I start hearing the music in a more full way and really appreciate
it. Next time you listen to a track try to notice how many different
“tracks” you can hear (instruments, bass, vocals, beats, chorus, etc).
Some music is obviously more involved than others.

I was involved with the production of my mothers last CD Universal Prayer
and it was so much fun. I did most of the background male vocals for
the tracks. I didn’t do any editing, but was involved in the creative
process and saw how the music developed from a simple draft audio
recordings with some vocals and temporary “place holder” instrumentals
to a full production. It’s all good fun. I love the creative process in
everything so love to explore different things (from websites,
gardening, making music, creating videos, photography, etc).

Anyways… for those of you who haven’t heard the track yet, listen and enjoy :)

Music by: Bibi Baldev Kaur (Malaysia)
Shabad: Wahe Guru (download) (24.5MB)


Music by: Jagdees Singh
Shabad: Wahe Guru (download) (24.5MB)


12 Responses to “Gurbani MP3 Pick – Bibi Baldev Kaur”

  1. Anonymous says:

    SSA,I am sorry to say but this is not the one that i heard on,, This Jaap is Good too, but not exactly the one I was looking for, Thanks a lot for the effort, I really appreciate it.

  2. rsingh says:

    I was given this CD by a penjee a while ago. There is also a track with the Singh and Singhnee doing simran together. :)

  3. Angad Singh says:

    The unknow singh and singhnee are from malaysia..the cd was produced by sikhnaujawan sahaba in malaysia..

    the singhnees name is baldev kaur .
    the singh’s name is Jagdeees Singh
    Choir is Charanjit Kaur, Jasbir Kaur and Harjit Singh

    tabala is plade by Bekramjit Singh

  4. Kiren says:

    Dear Gurumustuk,

    i believe that the ‘unknown Singhni’ is Baldave Kaur from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. her kirtan is simply divine. i may be mistaken but i think the track was compiled into a simran cd by the Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia a few years ago and distributed freely in Malaysia.


  5. Anonymous says:

    the singhnee in the picture is a lady who used to live in Derby United Kingdom and now lives and works in London i believe.

  6. surjit singh juneja says:

    I have listned the simran. It is very good but the one I listned was in the CD by S. Manpreet Singh (Malasia). Both male and female voices are extremely good and I think u r talking about the female voice which is really heart touching.

  7. sonia says:

    Hi, Ive been looking for 2 similar tracks that have a westernised soothing relaxed feel to them. I heard these 2 tracks sung by female singers which consists of “waheguru” on the amritbani radio station -digital channel is 0176 but they do not say the name of the singers or the cds on air. These tracks have helped me in a time of need, so if anybody knows these two tracks please let me know. Thank you very much.

  8. sonia says:

    Sorry, just remembered an important detail, these two songs are played normally at 10.00pm during the nitnem programme.

  9. aman says:

    waheguru,the simran is very soohing……..

  10. Sukhwinder Singh says:

    I listened to this track first time through SikhNet Radio channel No. 4 yesterday. I kept hearing the Simran sung in such a lovely and eternal voice throughout today. I tried to listen it again through the radio today, tried many times, but Simran that was going on the radio was being sung by other Gursikhs.

    Decided to google it without even knowing who sung it, and wow, first link on the search and I found it.

    Thanks to Bibi Baldev Kaur for singing in such an inspiring voice and thank you Gurumustuk Singh for making it available for download.

  11. Siri Om says:

    I love this song… I lost it for a long time, thanks for keeping archives!