Snow! Finally!

Here is a picture that I just took outside my office door of the snow falling. We are in the high desert so we count on the winter snow for water. It’s been a pretty lousy winter so far (meaning very little snow). Forest fires and drought conditions occur when we don’t get snow/rain.

When it rains or snows people tend to be quite happy here. When I went to England it was actually quite nice to have it cloudy and rainy, as compared to the almost always clear sunny skies here in Espanola. It is not uncommon to see me sprint out the office door and run around in the rain/snow. Ahhhhh! What a feeling. I love Nature :)

Now, if only it can snow enough to stay for more than a few hours. Sledding? Snowman? (wishful thinking probably).

6 Responses to “Snow! Finally!”

  1. You Lucky Guru i love it when it love you snows cousin Jenny

  2. Anonymous says:

    SSA, This is not regarding snow,but snow is good, but i just wish to ask you if you would know what music is it on Guruamritkhalsa blog, I wrote to him but He never replied. I really love the Waheguru Jaap, Can you please help me find who is the singer? Would be great help. Thanks

  3. Anon: Please post the website address of the blog you are referring to. I do not know of the blog you are referring to.

  4. I love your pictures Guru Love you

  5. As expected. Snowed for about 20 minutes and stopped. It’s all melted now. Bummer. All we can do is hope for another day of snow :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    you guys are wishing to snow there,where in Toronto we are crossing our finger not to……we been blessed so far.It’s been only rain and rain.We don’t mind rain but snow really bothers.
    Well, wish you guys all the best.
    Happy Republic day to everyone…..