Bhangra Dance and Healthy Excercise

Here is a video that my mother got for me many years ago. It’s a pretty good one showing some of the basic Bhangra moves in a simplified way, and then the actual full move. It’s soo funny seeing the guys in the video with there 80’s warm up sweatpants, socks and classic Punjabi smiles.

I have grown up with a different relation to Bhangra than probably most Sikhs from Punjabi background. Generally I think when most people hear of “Bhangra dancing” they immediately associate “club, parties and drinking”. This is not always the case. Some of you have seen some of the videos that I have posted in the past where the Guys/Girls do a Bhangra dance show for friends to show their love and for entertainment. Many people in our community enjoys it a lot. For us it is more of cultural fun, exercise, and cool to watch. It is a cultural thing that we enjoy from time to time in a community environment. I remember so many times where we would all get together and work on a new dance for some event, or for a friend that was going to be getting married. I personally like the exercise part. The shoulder and arm action really relaxes tension in the upper body and it is a good workout. I used to do this every day at home. A few of my friends teach Bhangra workout classes purely for fun and exercise. One of my friends (Sat Pavan Kaur) made a great DVD “Bhangra Workout“).

I know not all Bhangra music is good and in line with Sikh values, and that it used mostly to party with; but that doesn’t make dancing bad. I remember when I went to the Yuba City Punjabi Festival to represent SikhNet, I was really dis-heartened seeing all the young Punjabi kids all Americanized with no resemblance of being Sikhs anymore. Quite a few were in groups like gangsters, looking drunk and ready to burst into a fight with someone. The music blasting so loud my head was aching. This to me is the contrast to our community and it’s use of Bhangra in a more innocent, healthy and balanced way.

So…if you are the type that doesn’t get much excercise and are on the computer all the time… try giving this video a watch and have fun while getting some exercise at the same time. More and more people are in bad physical shape and we have to make an effort to excercise our body and keep healthy.

So to summarize, I am NOT suggesting that Sikhs go out and start partying it up. I am just giving an example of a way that you can do something fun but that is a healthy form of excercise. You can do this at home by yourself, or get some friends to do this together in a clean and positive way.

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  1. This video is awesome….can I borrow it back? At least after the 7 minutes of credits there is some great areobic workout to do….

    Also, it is entertaining…seriously this is an awesome video. Check it out and see for yourself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Guru Granth Sahib Jee does not allow dancing? Give me one quote from GGSJ that says dancing is allowed.
    I know you are doing very good seva of spreading sikhism all over the world. But you should also sacrifice the “fun” you guys do ie. Bhangra. And other thing, Why do you wear jewellery? GGSJ does not allow this at all either. I just dont like these 2 things. Thats all. Thankyou.
    Bhul Chuk Muaaff

  3. Mata-ji says:

    Guru-ji says:
    “Guru’s true Sikh sings, Guru’s true Sikh dances, fixing his mind on the Lord”.

  4. Anonymous: I think you missed the whole point of the text. All you are seeing are the words “dance” and “Bhangra”…and relate this as something bad. I look at this as potentially a very healthy and positive thing for someone to do in certain situations. Everything has it’s balance and can be abused or done in a way that is not positive and supportive to the Sikh lifestyle. Just because something can be abused does not make it bad.

    I choose to have an open mind and perspective in regards to this. You are entitled to your interpretation of Gurbani, just as I am. I don’t force my opinion on others if I don’t agree.

    In regards to wearing Jewelry, I don’t see an issue with this. I don’t personally wear jewelry but my wife wears neckaces, rings, bracelets, Gold Khanda pin, etc…and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that either. I don’t know how accurate Sikh paintings are of the Guru’s, but most of the depictions of Guru Gobind Singh show quite a regal and royal picture, with a plume, necklace and other ornaments. I personally don’t want to debate on this topic though…so please don’t start posting Gurbani quotes to “prove” your point.

    We are all Sikhs who are seeking and learning on this path of life. I think people need to open their minds to different perspectives. Gurbani is so deep and wide. One line can have so many meanings and a certain context related to it that is very specific to certain situations. Life is so diverse and everything is not as simple as it seems. We don’t live in a black and white world.

    My humble hope is that those that read my blog try to see things from another perspective and stop jumping to just make a judgement on something.

    Also…most of the time those people that post judgemental comments here do so Anonymously without even posting their name. It’s easy to sit at your computer and say what you want if you are anonymous, and quite another thing to take a stand publicly.

    The litmus test I always ask myself when writing something online is “How would I say this if the person were right in front of me”. If you are not prepared to say things to someone’s face (in person) and deal with a face to face dialog, then it shouldn’t be said.

  5. Anonymous says:

    did you wrote the SGGS???
    Do you know the history of the Guru ji’s , when they got married their family sang songs of the wedding and enjoyed the process
    So don’t be a narrow minded and Make your own religion!!!!

    If you don’t like dancing that’s your choice!
    Who are you tell other people what to Do? Just do your own thing or mind your own bussiness!

  6. Prabhu Singh says:

    Guru Gobind Singh said “Khalsa mera satgur pura” meaning Khalsa is my perfect (complete) Guru. He was referred to as Kalgidar, who wears the feather. It is common belief that he wore jewelry and presented himself as a king. The Khalsa is a royal family, and if Guru Gobind Singh wore jewelry his children should too.
    Sikhs are supposed to live like the lotus flower. There should be a balance with everything. People associate Bhangra with booze and promescuity. But it was traditionally danced during the harvest season. It is a celebration of the gifts that God has given.
    The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is not a rule book. People use different quotes from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib to justify both positions on eating meat, and still it is an endless debate.
    Being a Sikh requires us to be in Cherdi Kala. Sacrificing fun will not help me on my spiritual journey. All my daredevil stunts teach me fearlessness (soldier training). I have fun learning new skills and then helping others with those skills (seva). I have fun playing musical instruments and practicing kirtan (simran). Sacrificing fun is not big on my list. I want to sacrifice my ego and fight the internal thieves. My balanced life includes a lot of hard work and a fair amount of fun.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mata jee,
    Please provide the ANG where Guru Sahib says Dancing is ok….I would like to do a research on it…Thank You :)
    To Sangat jee,
    I do know that Guru Sahib does say:
    nachiai ttapiai bhagath n hoe ||

    By dancing and jumping, devotional worship is not performed.
    ~Guru Amar Daas Ji
    Raag Gauree
    Ang 158
    For those who say Bhangra is allowed in Sikhi….
    Can you imagine..Guru Gobind Singh jee,Panj Piarey,4 Sahibzadey,40 muktey doing bhangra and asking their mothers and sisters to join them in in Bhangra?????(I feel low of even thinking about it) :S
    Never do something which Guru Sahib will never do….
    The question now is what kind of dance does our Guru Sahib want us to do?
    har jan naachahu har har dhhiaae ||

    O humble servant of the Lord, let your dancing be meditation on the Lord, Har, Har.
    ~ Guru Raam Daas Ji
    Raag Aasaa
    ANG 368
    What we choose to do with our life is our choice,as a Sikh,it is between US and Guru Sahib.But PLEASE don’t say something is *allowed* in Sikhi just because we think it is right or just to suit our lifestyle.We have the full freedom of what we want to do,but it is my HUMBLE request at the sangats feet,don’t CHANGE sikhi or say something is alright just because we think it is rite…..
    Dass is sorry IF I have offended anyone….Bhul Chul Maaf Karna..


  8. Anonymous says:

    if a Sikh wants to dance ie Bhangra thats there choice

    But when a Sikh dances to punjabi/bhangra songs which are filthy, disgusting and vile not to say the least, they are illicit and promote casteism (in most songs).

    please dont take this as an attack but Gurumustuk Singh Ji, a while back you posted an amazing thing about the Japanese scientist who found out that when people swore the water molecules shriveled up but when in chanting/praying the water molecules kind of expanded. The conclusion being if we pray the vibration of the chanting have an impact not only spiritually but physically ie our body consists of 70% water. It affects us on many level unknown to us.

    Bhaji what im trying to get at is even if you dont understand what your listening to (bhangra music) filthy, illicit music has an impact not only on your subconcsious without you knowing.

    So when pepole say we’re just having fun, theres nothing wrong with that. If one wants to dance go for it but listening to bhangra music in not in accordance with Gurmat no matter if you do or do not understand what is said.

    in conclusion if one chooses to do bhangra, thats up to them but IMHO listening to bhangra music is not Gurmat.

  9. kiran says:

    hi GM, how do?

    The main point that I’m going to make is that Bhangra dancing and music is nothing religious and is something that is used when celebrating in the Punjab!!!!

    Originally it was invented by the Punjabi farmers, when they would perform certain routines after the crops had been harvested…since then the routines of Bhangra have evolved and become apart of the Punjabi celebration culture…

    I dont think Sikhi had anything do with bhangra dancing and music…but there must have been some kind of celebration on the day that the Khalsa was born?? of we think logically that is…if something good and positive happens do we no then celebrate?? with Bhangra being apart of the punjabi’s celebtraion routine…do people not think that it may have occured on the day of the Khalsa’a birth?

    IF people are very sad and alone and choose not to do “Nach Tup” (dance) then dont do BUT DONT BRING IN QUOTES FROM THE GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI TO BACK UP YOUR POINTS!!!! BEACUSE THATS EVEN MORE SADISTIC THEN NOT DANCING!!!!

    Bhangra dancing in itself is really good, its energetic and improves the body’s cardiovasular levels….which in turn then keep you fitter and have you suffer from less fatigue!!

    AS for alcohol… its associated with party culture and not with actaul Bhangra dancing so please dont get your selves confused with this minor issue!!!! yes some songs may be about alcohol but not like we consuming it…those who are…shame on you!!!

    ok so ive said what I wanted to say and that im going to be off!!!
    take and give my love to the littlen!!

    lots of pyar


    ps its 3* in london today…so well cold

  10. Sifar says:

    There are several references in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee that a soul that has attained enlightenment there will be no occasion to be too happy so that the soul will want to perform worldly things like dancing, nor can it be too sad that it has to cry out loud. This is the balance that is being talked about in Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee.

    But I guess we all have a lot to do to get to that stage of enlightenment as we are tangled in getting the interpretation of Gurbani, the way it feels comfortable with our lifestyle. We talk about balancing by doing everything in moderation… like dancing, etc… but we forget that when bani talks about balance, that the balance is of our mind so that it is never too excited, nor to down…

    To all the Singhs and Singhnis who say that our Gurus did this, and they did that, so why not we as sons and daughters of our Gurus can do the same, I have one question. Our Gurus sacrificed so much that they did not even cared about their families being sacrificed for the sake of Sikhs in the generations to come. Can you do that today? Remember when you are cutting your nails and the skin comes in the clipper, how painful it is. So stop comparing what Gurus did to what you can do. Gurus sacrificed so that their Sikhs could practice Sikhi in the time to come, not for us to do dances and waste this Human Life that has been given to us for a purpose.

    I have also noticed that Sikhs from the West have a totally different outlook of Sikhism than from the Sikhs who are from where Sikhism originated. Donot think that I am trying to be racist or trying to divide. But this is a fact. If the western Sikhs want certain practices to be incorporated into their interpretation of Sikhism, they should not think that the Sikhs from other part of the world will agree with them. Somebody on the blog commented that “Don’t start your own religion� for a comment that was I presume not written by a westerner. I would like to say the same to the Western Sikhs.

    Well, anything I said, was offensive to anyone, I humbly apologize. But the truth is always bitter, and will offend a lot of people who don’t want to listen to it.

    Guru Fateh.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sat shree akal GMS Khalsa ji

    I read your blog almost everyday and I just would like to say that donot pay any attention to people who are critical of you. You are doing a great seva to panth.I can not speak for anybody else but I’ve learend a lot since i found out about and it has changed my life. (it is my home page now.)

    may Guru ji bless you and your family


    vancouver BC Canada.

  12. Sifar says:

    Gurumustak siad “Gurbani is so deep and wide. One line can have so many meanings….”

    I beg to differ. Gurbani has one and only one right meaning and comes to you only by the grace of Satguru. You can intepret one line of Gurbani as per your mind set, but how do you know that meaning that came to your mind is right and correct interpretation.

  13. Wow…this seems to be a hot topic.

    One clarification…I have not said Dancing or Bhangra is part of Sikhism. My point was more about Excercise and just being a human.

    There are many things that we do in life that one would not say are “part of Sikhi”…but there may not be anything againts doing it and being a Sikh. Eg: Watching Movies or Theatre, doing Gymnastics, playing Paintball or other sports, creating artwork, going to a Doctor, etc. A Sikh can have fun and enjoy life. You don’t have to be serious all the time and avoid things that are “fun” to be a Sikh.

    Sikhi in my opinion is a “way of life” and not a rule book of everything that you can and cannot do. It is a starting point for living your life. Everything in life has a balance, and we have to try to find this balance in all that we do.

  14. Sifar says:

    Gurumustak Singh Jee…

    First of all, even I may have different point of view on certain things that you post on the blog of yours, but I sincerely appreciate this task of yours of bringing together the sikh community (who are computer lit.) as a whole. Secondly, I also believe healthy criticism is also a great source of learning for anyone. I also disagree with anyone who wants to remain anonymous and criticize.

    Bhangra, Giddha, etc… are not a part of sikhism, you said it very true, but they are part of Punjabi culture. That’s why we don’t clap in the gurudwara when kirtan is going on. We can sing along with the persons performing the kirtan, but clapping and dancing is a big no no. I have seen in India that other religions indulge in the practice of clapping and dancing when they are doing kirtan. And as you said that there is nothing wrong in playing games, like bowling, pool, doing artwork, watching movies etc…. One can still be a practicing Sikh and do all this stuff… but when all these extra curricular activities take precedence over meditation, kirtan, going to gurudwara that’s where things go wrong. And it is very easy to loose control and to be lost on the way of religious goal with over indulgence in these extra curricular activities. .

    You also said it right when you say that Sikhi is no rule of book, but it depend on how much one is a Sikh that what is right can be separated from wrong. It comes with in you. Of course for the converts, what a born sikh may think or deem incorrect, may not be a big deal because there is a difference in the way they both look at Sikhism. This conflict will always be there. It is not just between a convert and a born Sikh, but this conflict is there betn the Sikhs born in India and their next generation that is born in the West.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk Jee,
    I cann’t play bhangra video that you posted. Have you already removed it? Please put it back. I would like to watch it..


  16. Anonymous says:

    I ONLY believe in SGGS, NOT what people think!

    What is part of sikhism or NOT only Guru ji can decide!
    People if you don’t like to dance, watch movies, listen to music then thats YOUR choice!
    If you think God is going to love you better then good for U. Why people have to stick their nose in every business.
    WHY should I be Depressed!

    Let the Guruji decide

  17. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…
    I ONLY believe in SGGS, NOT what people think
    Anonymous said…
    Why people have to stick their nose in every business.

    As far as sticking nose in every business, you may think of doing it as We are only talking about what SGGS says. Personally, I dont even care what you do or where the hell you go. But don’t tie a Turban on your head and go to a strip club.

  18. Prabhu Singh says:

    Every Sikh is going to interpret the Siri Guru Granth Sahib differently. Some Sikhs (especially on the internet) are very passionate about their way of life. All Sikhs are passionate about living righteously. People think because Sikhs are one, there needs to be one way of living. This just cannot be. Sikhs are one and so is all of humanity. We all have the same basic rehit from Guru Gobind Singh, but also every person on the planet has their own rehit for other aspects of life (including how much time they spend on the internet or exercising). Some people eat with their right hand and some eat with their left. Some dance and some don’t. This is not the focus for a Sikh.
    There’s really no difference for a Sikh to dance Bhangra or to play basketball. They are both activities which involve movement and rythm, timing and agility. I like both and neither activity takes me from righteous actions.
    Even on a physical level, everybody’s thought waves and nerve synapses are different. This means there cannot be a single interpretation of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, as much as everybody else wishes. There is one Guru. We all love the Guru, but we all relate differently. Ask everybody to define or translate Ek Ong Kar, and you’ll get a different answer from every single person you talk to.
    There’s always so much intolerance on the internet. It’s hard to believe really. Sikhs should be tolerant of everybody, not judging their own.
    It is really unbelievable how often Sikhs are on the internet telling people what to do and what not to do. Saying what’s right and what’s wrong. Describing God’s will and Guru’s hukam. This is what the other religious fanatics do. They speak on behalf of God and if you don’t agree they kill you. Stop speaking on behalf of God and Guru. They are powerful enough to let the individual know what is right and wrong, without your help.

  19. Prabhu, I love you brother but you just did what you condemn and that is…actually i just re-read your post…you did something even worse. You infered!!! You didn’t quote the SGGS to support your arguement(jewlry is okay) but instead you used deduction. if the Gurus did it then it must be okay for us. khalsa=royal=jewlry=okay.

    to me guru nanak/jesus=king of kings=wore non-flashy clothes=modesty=sikhi!

    only the 10th master knows what his intentions were. but i doubt he was saying you have to be rich to be a Khalsa…or gazillion other things i can infer from the Guru wearing jewelry.

    love you Gurumustak!

    ps…c’mon guys i can’t believe you’re arguing over pangrra. imagine this: circa 1400-1800 (“all you jats/farmers(70% of the religion) you have to give up pangrra to become sikhs! sorry no can do! i know you can really shake ’em but no can do!”) c’mon!

  20. Prabhu Singh says:

    I don’t usually like to just cut and paste parts of Gurbani, but since it was requested:
    On page 124 of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib it is written:
    ਗ�ਰਮ�ਖਿ ਗਾਵੈ ਗ�ਰਮ�ਖਿ ਨਾਚੈ ਹਰਿ ਸੇਤੀ ਚਿਤ� ਲਾਵਣਿਆ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
    “The Gurmukhs sing, the Gurmukhs dance, and focus their consciousness on the Lord.

    On page 381:
    ਤੇਰਾ ਜਨ� ਨਿਰਤਿ ਕਰੇ ਗ�ਨ ਗਾਵੈ ॥
    Your humble servant dances and sings Your Glorious Praises.
    ਰਬਾਬ� ਪਖਾਵਜ ਤਾਲ ਘ�ੰਘਰੂ ਅਨਹਦ ਸਬਦ� ਵਜਾਵੈ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
    He plays upon the guitar, tambourine and cymbals, and the unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds. ||1||Pause||

    On page 469:
    ਗਿਆਨੀ ਨਚਹਿ ਵਾਜੇ ਵਾਵਹਿ ਰੂਪ ਕਰਹਿ ਸੀਗਾਰ� ॥
    The spiritually wise dance and play their musical instruments, adorning themselves with beautiful decorations.

    ਊਚੇ ਕੂਕਹਿ ਵਾਦਾ ਗਾਵਹਿ ਜੋਧਾ ਕਾ ਵੀਚਾਰ� ॥
    They shout out loud, and sing epic poems and heroic stories.

    page 506:
    ਸ�ਰਿ ਨਰ ਵਿਰਤਿ ਪਖਿ ਕਰਮੀ ਨਾਚੇ ਮ�ਨਿ ਜਨ ਗਿਆਨ ਬੀਚਾਰੀ ॥
    The angels, mortals, renunciates, ritualists, silent sages and beings of spiritual wisdom dance.

    ਸਿਧ ਸਾਧਿਕ ਲਿਵ ਲਾਗੀ ਨਾਚੇ ਜਿਨ ਗ�ਰਮ�ਖਿ ਬ�ਧਿ ਵੀਚਾਰੀ ॥੪॥
    The Siddhas and seekers, lovingly focused on the Lord, dance, as do the Gurmukhs, whose minds dwell in reflective meditation. ||4||

    ਖੰਡ ਬ�ਰਹਮੰਡ ਤ�ਰੈ ਗ�ਣ ਨਾਚੇ ਜਿਨ ਲਾਗੀ ਹਰਿ ਲਿਵ ਤ�ਮਾਰੀ ॥
    The planets and solar systems dance in the three qualities, as do those who bear love for You, Lord.

    ਜੀਅ ਜੰਤ ਸਭੇ ਹੀ ਨਾਚੇ ਨਾਚਹਿ ਖਾਣੀ ਚਾਰੀ ॥੫॥
    The beings and creatures all dance, and the four sources of creation dance. ||5||

    ਜੋ ਤ�ਧ� ਭਾਵਹਿ ਸੇਈ ਨਾਚਹਿ ਜਿਨ ਗ�ਰਮ�ਖਿ ਸਬਦਿ ਲਿਵ ਲਾ� ॥
    They alone dance, who are pleasing to You, and who, as Gurmukhs, embrace love for the Word of the Shabad.

    There are so many references to dancing, and some people will tell you there is only one interpretation, their interpretation. Read the Guru and contemplate.

    One more thing to remember:
    For those who see Sikhs dancing and get mad, your mind is dancing to an unhealthy tune. That person could be dancing and chanting Waheguru, as a way to remember God while exercising. While their mind is focused, yours is dancing with feelings of anger and emotion.

  21. FlyingSingh13 says:

    Woah Woah, haud on a minute here, this has turned into a flame war!

    I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion but….

    I feel the folks at are doing a great job and are bringing the Sikh community together across the world. Keep up the good work!

    And as for anonymous, I’d take your own advice into play, to live and let live.
    Next you’ll be saying I can’t fly cos we werent born with wings!

    Anyway, thats my opinion
    Take care everyone


  22. Anonymous says:

    I just want to bring in kind notice of all sikhnet sangat that entire Shree Guru Granth Sahib ji is in Raggs(music)
    Why would our Gurus write in raggs if they did not like the music.

    Gurumustik singh ji, you are doing a great job, and has a great influance on my life


  23. Sifar says:

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  24. Sifar says:

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  25. rajwant singh kalsi says:

    Bhai Gurumustuk Ji,
    The video to learn Bhangra in seven days stops and restarts and the focus is not sharp. Would you like to repost it in spite of so many pro and con comments? The Sikhs from Punjab and the Sikhs in abroad have different opinions based on the period of influence of the environment where the individual has grown up.
    The Sikhs, there in India have deliberate perverse attitudes; I mean to say stub-bornly contrary right at the first instance of the discussion’s start. I can give you an exponential list of such cases. Because of this in the nearby future Sikhism will surely undergo a big reform towards the new jovial trend. With new jovial trend I mean to mention a completely different practice, for example, may be to do Path seated on a chair wearing shoes!! In Sindh I have seen ladies doing Sat Sang, singing and dancing in front of SGGS Ji. Surprise for me but this is the way they feel connected with Guru Ji. Good for them. Your statement that Bhangra is good for health has no doubt, as it is an exercise. Some Sikhs criticize Bhangra based on its vulgar language and obscene expressions the Bhangra dancers make during the performance. This is the culture of those Punjabis. It is immaterial if Bhangra may or may not have any link with some quotes on SGGS Ji. You may soon have some one on your blog justifying for the right to have religiously more than one wife!!!! This or any other discussion on religious affairs has no end. Some people are so staunch that they discuss to reach at a conclusion taken by them before the start of discussion. This is your blog and please continue writing what you think and what you feel like.
    The comments of anonymous people on your blog are the tactics of hit and run away mentality people. I hope they may not be the Sikhs.
    Gur Fateh.

  26. Sifar says:

    Bhai Prabhu Singh Jee….

    Just because every sikh interpret Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee differently doesnot mean that all those interpretetions are right. That goes for everyone including you and me. There can only be one and only one right interpretation. Our Gurus did not gave us multiple choices to interpret when it comes to getting the meaning of the Bani they wrote.

    When you say “There’s really no difference for a Sikh to dance Bhangra or to play basketballâ€?, I have to disagree with you on this. There are instance in the history where it is mentioned that Gurus gave importance to physical activities and engouraged sports but I haven’t come across anywhere where it is mentioned that any of the Gurus promoted dancing bhangra etc… If one have to take certain medication that has alcoholic contents in it for health reasons, it is not right for that person to drink alcohol straight out of the bottle coz it is the same alcohol… that is in the medication…

    And mind you, it is none of my business to tell you or anyone else what to do or what not to do coz I myself need the guidance from Satguru. But when I see some stuff being said on the Internet that I believe is not accurately mentioned as per what ever little knowledge I may have on Sikhism, I feel it necessary to voice my concern. Well, it feels from your comment that you are telling people what they should or shouldnot be doing. If you think that they are doing something wrong, you are doing the same thing too….

    And while I was preparing response to your comments that you posted @ 3.30 pm., I saw your next post. You have decide it for yourself and for rest of us all too. All the qoutes that you have referenced say about spiritual dancing of the soul in tune with her master… none refers to as physical dancing of Bhangra to cinematic tunes.

    & Bhai Rajwant Singh jee

    Great Ideas…When you say “for example, may be to do Path seated on a chair wearing shoes�… you can implement it in your house first and then take it from there or may be in Sindh where you saw people dancing in front of Gur Granth Sahib jee…. Surely, there will be a big reform in Sikhism, if all Sikhs will start thinking on your tracks….

    Chardi Kala…..

    PS. I delete the two posts and re posted them as single comment.

  27. Prabhu Singh says:

    To Sifar:
    You’re right I did say what people should do. I just wanted to see what it felt like. To give an ultimatum :-) Why should anybody listen to me when I say Sikhs should wear jewelry? Does that make any sense? It makes as much sense to me as those who say Sikhs shouldn’t wear jewelry. Clearly there was an example of both by our Guru.
    To Ik Singh:
    You mentioned: “if the Gurus did it then it must be okay for us.” This is why I mentioned “Khalsa mera satgur pura” I think we have to infer something after reading the scriptures. I want to be exactly like Guru Gobind Singh, obviously that will never happen, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try my best.
    Again to Sifar:
    You wrote “There can only be one and only one right interpretation”
    With all due respect (and I mean that), who told you this? Is this your interpretation of how a Sikh should be or somebody else’s? The reality is, it’s not physically possible to interpret bani the same. The same word has so many meanings and memories and experiences associated with it, that are different for each person on the planet. For there to be only one righ interpretation of bani, that would mean only one person on this planet has the right brain, body, and karma to understand it, since everybody on this planet has a different brain, body, and karma.
    I do not wish to describe what ‘Sat(i)Nam’ or ‘WaheGuru’ means to me, or what meditating on these mantras has done for me, it will lessen my experience. I can tell you as much that there is no description for my experience of these words. There is no description for my experience of bani. As soon as I allow other people to give ‘the only right’ interpretation to me, I have disconnected my personal relationship to the Guru. My interpretation is based on my relationship to the Guru. I would rather die a painful death, than live on this earth without my relationship to the Guru. It is a deeply personal relationship which gives me the strength to live and gives me the passion to be a Sikh. If I discuss my interpretation of Bani with somebody and they disagree, I will have cheapened my experience of it.
    I have made major decisions in my life based on hukamnamas that I have received. There were times where I made the mistake of discussing their (the hukamnamas) meanings with others. I got a different interpretation from everybody. My ardaas to the Guru was to give me direction. I got the hukam and I got an understanding of it. I now end it there, with complete faith in God and Guru, that what was given to me was by their grace.

  28. Hari Singh says:

    Anonymous, this is what the SGGS says about dance:
    “Let your true and perfect tune be the subjugation of your love of Maya, and let yourself dance to the Shabad. ||3||” (sggs pg 121)

    “So dance in this love, and keep the beat with your feet. ||1||” (sggs pg 350)

    “The Gurmukh’s dance is to embrace love for the Lord;” (sggs pg 364)

    “If you dance according to the Guru’s Will, you shall obtain peace, and in the end, the fear of death shall leave you. ||Pause||” (sggs 506)

    “Move your mind like the rhythmic hand-motions; do the dance, and shake your ankle bracelets. ||1||” (sggs 884)

  29. kiran says:

    To Sifar


    your responses say something about you as a person too….you do not really have an open mind do you?? if you did then you would be open to the idea of there being more then one interpretation to the Guru Granth Sahib ji…and that there is not a wrong or right answer….

    Thus my advice to is that you need to re-evaluate your thinking processes with more logic and open mindedness…this would be good a thing beause then you wouldnt find yourself feeling threatened by anything you didnt understand because your mind would be open to all sorts of ideas..and interpretations.


    ps its soooo cold in London today…the forcasters reckon it’ll snow next week!!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I DISAGREE with Kiran on certain parts:

    1)”more then one interpretation to the Guru Granth Sahib ji…”

    I have read lot of books of great sikh philosphers who have devoted their life time studying sikhism.
    SGGS has only one interpertation from beginning to the end.

    for ex} IK Onk kar..
    God is one. there is no other meaning than there is ONE God.
    If you read SGGS you will see that it is written in a such way that there is no double interpetation.

    People do double interpetation to fit their own ideas and thoughts. Just like people are against Dancing etc…

    SGGS teaches to establish a pure Bond with God and when you will begin to PRACTICE IT then slowly other pleasures will seem nothing before the pleasure of meditation and in remembering God.

    Of course people are going to at different levels of Spirtuality. And if we are practicing sikhism as guru ji as said then we would see god in every person and see all the good qualities.

    Since we just like to talk, talk, talk and talk and nothing ELSE!

    All of us have lot of holes instead of patching up our Holes throught meditation, we begin to force our way of life and thoughts on other people!!!
    These kind of thoughts which shows that “I am a great sikh and others are just worms” Do you think that God is so Blind that he cannot even see you through!!!

    People! Read SGGS and then slowly implement in to your life. GRADUALLY will give you good results.

    If you don’t HAVE Tolerance towards other people then It does not matter how many hours you close your eyes and for how many times you do path (reading, reciting)!!!

  31. Prabhu Singh says:

    Tolerance includes the ability to see other people’s way of life (interpretation) as equivalent to yours.
    I do not wish to describe the meaning of Ek Ong Kar, it could be a lengthy discussion and the meaning for me will not apply to the rest. I would just like to point out that you could say “God is one” with Ik Ong. There is more, it is Ek Ong Kar. There is no one right interpretation, there’s only your experience of truth.
    Tolerance and compassion are some of the highest virtues of a Sikh. When you restrict truth (to a single interpretation), you are excluding everything else as false. There is no tolerance when things are deemed to be false. Everything is false when you have a narrow view.
    Everything has truth in it, God is truth and nothing can be seperate from God. You will really know what is false when you have a great understanding of truth. Until then our search for truth (God) requires patience and tolerance.

  32. kiran says:

    well said Prabhu… could not have put it better myself!!!!

  33. Sifar says:

    Bhai Prabhu Singh jee,

    I was tied up for a long time at my office today and hence the delay in responding back on you latest posts.

    When I say that there can be one and only one right interpretation of Bani, I did not mean that it is my interpretation or yours that is right or somebody else who claim to be very knowledgeable on this topic. Neither did I mean that my interpretation is better than yours or anyone else. I too am one like everyone who interprets as per my mental abilities. But that doesn’t make my version of interpretation correct. One can interpret Bani depending on ones mental level but that may not be the correct interpretation. Yes, anyone can interpret Bani the way they want and that’s what is happening today in this world. One can get the one and the only right interpretation (what Gurus meant when they wrote the Bani) by the grace of SATGURU. The problem is that most people interpret Bani literally word to word and in that event they lose the essence, the real meaning, the meaning that’s between the lines. And yes, if one does word to word interpretation of Bani, you can have numerous of meaning of one word and hence numerous interpretations of the Bani will surface up.

    I don’t go out preaching my interpretation of Bani to others as I would be doing the interpretation as per my mind set but I would feel a lot better when I interpret a line of Bani and I get critical remarks on it as that helps me to learn Bani more deeply and then may be some day by Satguru’s grace I will get to the one and only true interpretation of Bani, the interpretation what our Gurus intended when they wrote the Bani. If the Guru can make an illiterate person recite the whole Bani in his court (historically mentioned fact) then surely if Guru pleases, he can also make one understand the interpretation of Bani the way Guru Nanak Dev jee, Angad Dev jee, Guru Amar Das jee, Guru Ram Das jee….. and other Gurus, Bhagats, Fakirs intended it to be when they recited / wrote those Banis.

    Our Gurus did not leave Bani behind to confuse the Sikhs but they gave us the Banis so that we could be guided on the right path. By keeping on taking the literal meaning into account without reading between the lines of course we will always be confused and may get lost on our journey to unite with the Supreme Master of ours.

    And Kiran jee, thanks for you comments too. I may not have known that I am so close minded. Thanks for pointing it out. I will take care in future. But I still strongly feel that Gurus when they recited / wrote the Bani had only one meaning of it in their mind which we have to find today of course by Satguru’s grace.

    And Bhai Hari Singh jee, thanks for posting all the quotes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee. But what I read between the lines is that it is being said about the soul dancing to her Masters tune, not of physical dancing of any person though literal meaning translated makes it appear physical dancing of people (my views, you don’t have to agree with me).

  34. Sifar says:

    I humbly am pointing out that my purpose of this discussion in not to show down on anyone, neither I am claiming to be the wisest person on the earth. It is how I strongly feel about this matter and these are my views according to what ever little understanding I have on Sikhism. No one has to agree with my views if they do not appeal to them. In the end no hard feelings should be there among us.

  35. Prabhu Singh says:

    Thank you for the really nice post Sifar!
    In the sense that you are referring to, I also believe there is only one meaning in Gurbani, because there is only one truth, which is the one God. That one truth manifests in so many ways.
    It is my personal opinion that Guru’s grace led you to the Guru and by that same grace your understanding is given to you. By the grace of the Guru some understand, appreciate, and elevate their consciousness purely by understanding the literal meanings of Gurbani. By the grace of the Guru others will understand all the subtleties in Gurbani.
    It all comes from the One truth which provides the One true meaning of Gurbani.

    I really appreciate your ability to see other people’s perspectives (whether you believe them or not). This shows an open mind which can allow one to grow immensly.

  36. Sifar says:

    Bhai Prabhu Singh jee

    I always had an open mind, thats what sihkism is all about, openness. But sometimes while writing a post, due to short time, inorder to hurry it up, one may not find right words or express completely what one wants to write. I read your post this morning while I was at work and I drafted a response to it, taking my time trying to be as explicit as possible, so that my word do not carry double meaning and the readers may not assume the meaning other than what I wanted to express, thats what I believe happened in my previous post. Anyways, we are here to share our opinion and be critical of what we donot agree with in a positive and constructive manner which I believe is a great source of learning. Anyways, no hard feeling… blog with you later…

  37. Shinda says:

    This topic is always good for an juicy flame war. Nice to see this one end so amicably and in such a friendly way.

    By the way Sifar, there are many American Sings that are born Sikhs. Most of them went to school in India and have spent more time in Punjab than our kids growing up here in Canada/US etc. Just an FYI.

    At the end of the day you have to choose what you participate in. Make sure you are in the right company whatever it is.

    Fanaticism is false security. No matter where it is found it is nonsense. May I never fall into that hole.

  38. Sifar says:

    Shinda said…

    By the way Sifar, there are many American Sings that are born Sikhs. Most of them went to school in India and have spent more time in Punjab than our kids growing up here in Canada/US etc. Just an FYI.

    I know of people who take this step of educating their children in India. By how many percent of the population living in West do that? And when you say “Most of them�, I disagree with you on that. I have visited many cities in North America and at the local Gurudwara’s you can come to know how many children are away from home, studying in India. I don’t know everything on this issue, but I am mentioning what I have seen.

    And you seem pretty decisive on who a fanatic is and who is not one. I guess you have seen a lot of this world. I still can’t be judgemental on who is what coz, thats not my job.

  39. Sifar says:

    Shinda said…

    By the way Sifar, there are many American Sings that are born Sikhs. Most of them went to school in India and have spent more time in Punjab than our kids growing up here in Canada/US etc. Just an FYI.

    I know of people who take this step of educating their children in India. By how many percent of the population living in West do that? And when you say “Most of them�, I disagree with you on that. I have visited many cities in North America and at the local Gurudwara’s you can come to know how many children are away from home, studying in India. I don’t know everything on this issue, but I am mentioning what I have seen.

    And you seem pretty decisive on who a fanatic is and who is not one. I guess you have seen a lot of this world. I still can’t be judgemental on who is what coz, thats not my job.

    Guru Fateh

    PS. I posted this comment twice as the first time i did, it didnot show on the comment page for a long time. i dont know why

  40. Rajwant singh kasbia says:

    every ones differnt are ten gurus were all differnt they had differnt ways of living some were pacifist some were not some were vegetarian some were not. I think Guru Gobind was the only to eat meat we call it chatka the meat eating practices of the akali nihang singh when he told banda singh bahadur to get some meat before he was a sikh when he lived as a hermit.So if all are 10 guru’s were all differnt they all believed in sikhki taught by guru nanak dev ji so life is all about tolerating people thats what i have leart from sikhism that what my Guru’s have taught me. oh and i agree with what Mr prabhu singh says vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

  41. Sat Sri Akal!
    Sikhism allows dancing!
    I tihnk dancing is like everything else. It is the intent that is bad. If youare lusting while dancign of course it is bad.
    To dance with someone you love, wife, mom, sister or yourslef all alone [whom can you love most besides yourself!:)] it si all good.
    I have seen people praying and lusting for girls sitting across. The activity is not bad. The intent of th eperson is bad.
    Sikh Dharma Sikhs are 100% pure as Desi Ghee!
    If you can’t help them then leave them alone and let them do the work SGPC should have been doing and Sikh Dharma PPL do it without their budget.
    It is so good to be judge but consider sikhi says “kaun Bhallay kaumanday”! IF you wanna talk about sikhi and still criticise think of that line will ya!

  42. Sardar Simran Singh Ji San Diego Vale says:

    Gur Fateh, to all my brothers and sisters!

    Yaaro, Gurumustuk Veerjee is encouraging us to excercise to a beat and learn a fun skill while we are at it in his post Bhangra Dance and Healthy Excercise .  I admire the work’s staff is doing and am inspired by 3HO insired Sikhs.  Has anyone seen them perform Bhangra?  They are amazing at it and are making excercise fun.  All they want to do is to share it with you with the some enthusiasm!

    They are amazing in their commitment, devotion and humble enough to listen to the crap people like myself from the “religious mindset of Indian subcontinent origin” throw at them.  All they want to do is share what they find inspirational.
    Gurumustuk veerjee this website is a true blessing yaar!  Thank you! 
    Prabhu Singh, chake de phatte!!–love the quotes from SGGS.  Teach me some new Bhangra moves next we meet.