Some of the family at the Birthday Dinner for my Grandfather who is turning 92.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk Singh ji
    Waheguru bless your grand father with happy & prosperous life.
    I am delighted to see your family photo.
    I appreciate your contribution in sikhnet and toward sikhism.
    Paramjit Singh

  2. Mata-ji says:

    GuruMustuk forgot to mention that his Uncle married a girl from Bangladesh (she is Christian Banladeshi) and they have a son ….Sammy. Our American families tend to be VERY cross-cultural as well as multiethnic as well as a variety of religions.

    Children of the “Baby Boomers” you are. And by the blessing of Guru and destiny we are living in the Court of Guru ….so our family has become quite expanded.