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Every day I am humbled and inspired by our SikhNet Cyber-sangat all over the world. What a privilege that Guru Ji has blessed me to work with all of you! We have such a beautiful on-line family. Now, during the month of Maagh as this new year begins, I just want to express my appreciation to everyone who has written to me and to SikhNet to personally express their thoughts, their emotions and their gratitude for what the Guru has manifested through SikhNet. Wahe Guru!

Every week Gurumustuk Singh and I get scores of emails from all of you, and while we may not be able to answer every one, we read them all and are inspired by you every day. What a gorgeous, rich and varied tapestry we are! From Auckland, NZ to Glasgow, Scotland; from Buenas Aires to Mumbai, we all share this sacred space of our Guru’s presence each day, so even though our physical bodies are distant, our souls are close together through this common thread that weaves us all together through our communication.

In gratitude, and inspired by Guru Gobind Singh’s prakash, Gurumustuk Singh put together a little video to share with all of you. Click here to experience the impact that Guru Ji has had all over the world through SikhNet on the hearts and minds of our CyberSangat.

If you wish to read more you can click this link to read the words of more of our Sangat members.

Finally, THANK YOU for supporting SikhNet with your donations! You are all part of my family and your love and support makes it all worthwhile.

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MP3 Shabad relating to the month of Maagh
Title: Bara Maha Part 11 (size 6.8MB)
Artist: Bhai Harnaam Singh Ji (Srinagar Wale)

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12 Responses to “SikhNet 2005”

  1. Harleen Chahal says: has positively impacted my life in every way, shape and form. I am extremely grateful and happy for all the services that provides. I am totally addicted to because it is the sunshine of my day. I would love to give back the love, joy and happiness that I have recieved from Sikhnet. May God Always Bless the good and pious work that Siknet is dedicated to providing its audience and Sangat and the message of hope, happiness and peace that it spreads throughout the world.
    Thank You to the Sikhnet Team,
    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    There’s no measure for what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown as a result of Sikhnet. If I could make money there I’d ask Gurumustuk to hire me :-) Instead I’m blessed to be able to send financial support for a service that gives me so much.
    I cost them a lot in hosting and mrsikhnet too, I better make another donation. Okay Gurumustuk if you don’t see a donation in the next few minutes you’ll have to get on my case. This one will be for your blog.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Could you post the audio used in the video clip

  4. Thank you both for your words of appreciation! It’s alway so nice to hear how SikhNet impacts people’s lives in various ways.

    Prabhu: Your in trouble…(just kidding)…it’s been a few hours and no donation. Hahaha…

    Anon: You can download the MP3 track from this video here.

  5. Siri Dyal k says:

    Sikh Net impacts and inspires to many people in many levels… Thank you Gurumustuk S…. and your blog, well is amazing, is also an inspiration, so it does not remain behind … sometimes I ask myself how this guy can do everything in one single day: Sikh Net and blog and submit pics, do videos, look for information (orale!!)…. wow! and of course! sikhnet news and daily hukm is always in my computer! o-yeah

  6. Siri Dyal: I do keep quite busy trying to keep up with all this stuff… but SikhNet is a team effort and I by no means do everything. We have an awesome team at SikhNet and hope to expand this (so that we can do even more) with the sangat’s support.

    This is my life, so while someone else might be watching TV at home at night, I am on my computer “cooking” something up for the blog and SikhNet. It’s not only fun…but we all enjoy and learn from it. This is as much a learning process for me…as it is for you.

    God willing I will continue doing this…

  7. Prabhu Singh says:

    Right after making the post I made a donation (through Paypal). Check again, it should be there. I got a receipt from Paypal.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The video was simply amazing and summarized the great work sikhnet has been doing all these years.
    Thanks and kudos to the entire Sikhnet Team!
    P.s:Please post the audio used in the video. I can simply listen to it all day long…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Soory..just noticed that u already had given the link for the audio in ur previous message.

  10. Gurkirpal says:


    thanks for the shabad ..

    i hope for many more very good shabad that are in punjabi… i like it very much..

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bhaji, this video is very inspiring and even inspiring is the style the shabad is sung in. What amazes me is that a Muslim raagi sung this shabad. Just goes to show the awe inspiring sensation of Gurbani. Thank you for your great services. Gur Fathe.

  12. karamjit singh says:

    This is Manmeet Kaur first of all i like to thank you sikhnet who has impacted my life when ever i listen to the shabads i get to listen each month. I learned so much from this site.I have a request in month of April i heard a clip of kids smiran of wahe guru and when I heard i love to listen day and night and even in my sleep. I cant find it i tried to search but felt bad as i could not listen to those beautiful voices of simran by american sikhs. I request if u could send it again or if u could tell me the way of buying that cd. i look forward to hear from you. Fateh and thanks for sending so beautiful shabads and simrans to us each month. I am lucky to find you and more lucky if I get the CD i am looking for it. Once again please find me simran Wahe Guru sung by group of kids and its music was so relaxing it touched right in our hearts.