Jana Gana Mana – National Song of India

I was uploading some videos to Google Video tonight and I came accross this video which is a composition of the National Song of India (Jana Gana Mana). It brought back memories of the many years I lived in India during my schooling (when I was much younger).

During the morning “Assembly” we used to sing this song as well as a Shabad before we started school. I don’t know the history or significance of this song, but the words and tune just bring back those years in my mind. It’s a nicely made video. There were pretty much all the big name musicians in the video (see the credits at the end). I recognized many of the voices/musicians when I heard it (Jagjit Singh, Asha Bhosle, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Sultan Khan, A.R. Rahman, Lata Mangeshkar, etc). This video doesn’t really have anything to do with Sikhi for me, but having spent so many years in India, I relate a lot to Indian culture and it is like my second home for me.

Watch the Video Below

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  1. sridhar says:

    To Mr.Hyderabad Hindu.and others

    First off please know history before commenting. The terms Dravidians and Dravidian Race are given to the peoples who speak Dravidian languages, the best known of which are Tamil, Telugu , Kannada , Malayalam
    Next :
    coming to riots it is purely political issue any one can refer to the latest Nanavati Commission :
    Nanavati Commission was appointed by a unanimous resolution passed in the Rajya Sabha. This commission was headed by Justice G.T. Nanavati, retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India. The commission submitted its report in February 2004. The Commission claimed evidence against congressmen Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and H.K.L. Bhagat for instigating the mobs to violence. The Commission also held the then police commissioner S.C. Tandon directly responsible for the riots.

    If at all any one has to accuse they have to accuse these political party people. Coming to my personal experience :
    At the time of Sikhs riots my brother helped all the sikh people who were living in our locality to escape from these mobs and when these people came to know about him they planned to kill him too (for them no hindu no sikh)it was very difficult for our whole family we all were so much afraid . I still remember how secretly he used to carry food to them . It took months for him to go normally in the street . when sitiuation become normall his sikh friends given protection to him from these people

    In India all normal civilians are victimized either they are Sikhs , Hindus , Christians , Muslims etc

    In Hyderabad itself many times there were communal clashes in which many Hindus were killed. So all these Hindus has to leave the country and start hatred, like wise if all think who will stay in India . Indian is not just for Hindus it is for all and it is ours

    So my dear friends before coming to one conclusion let us try to find the real facts , we can not bring the time back but if we are all united we can prevent such incidents not to repeat

    Jai hind

  2. Padma Lakshmi says:

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