Old Recording of Wahe Guru Simran

Tonight I would like to share an old recording of “Sat Nam, Sat Nam ji, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru……” simran. I don’t remember who this recording is by though. It brings back many memories from my younger years as a child. I remember my mother used to play this tape for long periods of time. We used to play tapes with “Auto Reverse” (set on the tape player) and just have it going 24 hours to set the “vibration” in the house and to sleep with. It kept you focused on the bani all throughout the day. Even today in my house I have an old computer with lots of Gurbani MP3 files hooked up to my home stereo (which plays music throughout the house) so I can hear Gurbani whenever I am at home.

Since I was young I used to love to play the piano. I started classes but then went to India so didn’t have a chance to continue. I have always wanted to learn to play Gurbani Kirtan which is similar to a piano, but have never found the time to study. Especially when I started SikhNet I had to choose my priority. My mother (who is a long time musician) used to always encourage me to learn. God gifted me with a nice voice and good creativity, however my short term memory for some things lacks, so It is hard for me to remember shabads without practicing a whole lot. Why am I rambling about all this and what does this relate to this shabad? Well…. this was one of the things I used to love playing with a Harmonium (Vaja). It was a meditation for me to just sit in a room in my house and bliss out to singing this tune/shabad. Something about playing it gave more depth to the experience for me. I experience this same thing when I sit with someone who is playing a shabad at Gurdwara.

Anyways, Here you go. Enjoy :)

Download Audio File (Size: 5MB)

4 Responses to “Old Recording of Wahe Guru Simran”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sat Sri Akal! Gurumusuk Singh Jee:
    I have no words to express how good I feel listening to “Wahe Guru Simran”
    I sincerely thank you (millions of times)for the download.I am going to play it all day long.You are a good human being.
    God bless you.

  2. So nice to have this on the computer now – we have the tape of it somewhere, but I never play tapes anymore, so it’s nice to hear it again. Thank you so much!

    Gurukarm Kaur

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sat Sri Akal!Gurmustak jee,thankyou for posting that.I must say,you are blessed with the energy to do the “Nishkam Seva”for the sangat.
    Can you please do one another favour for me and put up the meaning of the Shabad”JA TU MERE WAL HAI TA KIA MOH JHANDA” the one i told you to.That will be really great.


    I need the lyrics of shabads ” JA TU MERE WAL HAI TA KYA MOCHHANDA” with detailed meanngs.