The Science of Doing Ardas

In this video Guruka Singh explains about the different parts of Ardas and the role of the Ardasi (The person doing the Ardas).

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4 Responses to “The Science of Doing Ardas”

  1. Gurumustuk;
    Could you please make an active link to the ARDAS video as you have with most of the others?
    My computer will not display “Flash” technology.
    I need to use the “Save Target As” option to view it and I am very interested in learning more about the Ardas.
    Thank you!
    Sat Nam!
    Nam Hari Kaur, Eugene, OR

  2. I forgot to post the download link with the video.

    However…I always post the videos in the video archive section and it is there now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Which part of the Ardass says you need a big belly?

  4. Shawn Singh Tucker says:

    Thanks Veer Ji. You’ve taught me so much through your videos and this blog.

    Atlanta, GA