Guru Gobind Singh Birthday and 37th 3HO Anniversary

Wahe Guru ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

As most of you probably know, today is the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh! A wonderfull day to for us all to celebrate!

May Guru ji bless us all, to have the courage and strength to make the changes in our lives, to be a better people, more disciplined, more loving, more open hearted, more welcoming, and thus able to share these teachings and serve humanity!

Today also happens to be the 37th Anniversary of the 3HO. Yogi Bhajan gave his first public lecture in the United States on Sunday, January 5, 1969, and from that first lecture in Los Angeles sprang this beautiful, timeless and invaluable wealth of his teachings as well as the unique and inspiring 3HO family all over this world. From the US to Russia, from Chile to India, from Australia to Canada and Europe to Japan and everywhere in-between, we are living and teaching and shining our light in this troubled time.

“Where there is forgiveness, there is God. Where there is sacrifice, there is compassion. And where there is service, there is radiance of the human. Is there anything more precious in a human than these objectives?” – Yogi Bhajan

2 Responses to “Guru Gobind Singh Birthday and 37th 3HO Anniversary”

  1. SikhsRus says:

    Gurumustuk Singh,

    Thank you for the post. Lately, I don’t consider myself a complete sikh yet since I have not taken Amrit. Lately I have been thinking about taking Amrit. It may be a little easier for me since I grew up in Punjab, but I am thinking it must be really difficult for people from other cultures that would like to accept Sikhi but don’t know where to start since Gurudwaras with mostly Punjabis don’t know how to welcome people from other cultures and show people the right path of Sikhism. There are no pamphlets, no welcome newcomer signs or committies. In fact, some Gurudwaras may be even driving people away with pictures of dead bodies of men killed during Punjab insurgency in the 80’s. Yes! I think same stories of Sikh shahids can be told more positive ways. I wish the jathedars of various takhats would encourage every Gurudwara to show the beautiful , brave, compassionate, loving and caring side of Sikhi like sikh farmers, sikh horsemen, sikh warrior women, sikh artists, great sikh men, women and children instead of dead bodies of Sikh men. There is so much beauty in Sikhism that is not being told to the outside World. Yes! we don’t actively seek initiates, but at least we can show them the real beauty of Sikhism if they decide to join the Khalsa.

    Anyways! it is a long post, but on this occasion of Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday, I wish everyone, peace and happiness!

  2. SikhsRus says:

    Sorry for the choppy writing and spelling mistakes! These were just thoughts that I quickly wrote.