From Vegetables, with Love

Well, I was just sitting at home eating lunch when I noticed one of my favorite cook books, by one of my friend’s mother (Siri Ved Kaur Khalsa). I used to live in Los Angeles and grew up with her and her daughter. When I was in school in India…and craving different foods I would turn to this book and cook up delicious stuff. There is everything in it, and some very easy stuff to make (for all you bachelors).

If you don’t know how to cook, love to cook, want to eat healthy and nutritious food, this book is for you! I’m not trying to boost sales or anything. I honestly love the book, so wanted to share it. It has such a medley of healthy and yummy food. From Indian food to just about everything, sweets, snacks, Community kitchen (for langar or large numbers of people), . This is the type of food that I grew up on. I wanted to pick out a recipe to share, but there were too many options and couldn’t decide.

Here are some notes from the back of the book:

All of her life Siri Ved Kaur has had a natural love of cooking, learning first in the kitchen with her Grandma Kosten, making breads, noodles, streusels, sausages, and pies all from scratch, and then at the side of her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, starting in 1971, just shortly after she had become a vegetarian.

It was during those years of serving as Yogi Bhajan’s personal cook that her intuitive understanding of conscious food preparation first blossomed. He guided her in the art and science of yogic food preparation, while his wife, Bibi Inderjit Kaur, trained her in the wonderful art of Indian cooking.

Since then, she has authored two vegetarian cookbooks, Conscious Cookery and From Vegetables with Love (1989). She now owns "Yogi Eats!", a popular vegetarian catering and home delivery service in Los Angeles, that specializes in healthy, healing, nurturing, yogic foods. You will find many recipes that she has developed for Yogi Eats included in her column, "There’s a Yogi in the Kitchen!", as well as in her upcoming third cookbook (likely by the same name).

You can get a copy of the Book "From Vegetables, with Love" Here

3 Responses to “From Vegetables, with Love”

  1. SikhsRus says:

    Gurumutuk Singh,

    Thank you posting these cookbooks. I just got my wife some vegetarian cookbooks, but I wish I had known about the ones in your post. It is really hard to find some good ones, especially deserts without eggs. It is funny, some are called Vegetarian Cookbooks, but they have chicken stock and some other meat products and are very misleading. Now I just stick with the word “vegan” and change slightly around for milk and cheeese. Thanks again.

  2. SikhRus: I think your wife (and you) will like this book. It’s got all kinds of good stuff. Even for those who want to learn basic Indian food you can learn it in this book. When I go through the book…It makes me want to cook something up.

  3. Rachel says:

    Hello, I’m trying to find a copy of “From Vegetables with Love’ and am unlucky! I’ve searched through the link you provided but it seems they are out or no longer selling it. Any other tips as to how to obtain a copy of this? I’m really trying to get that recipe for the Apple Pie which I’ve tried once and it was delicious. Any suggestions?