Talk on the meaning of “Gurmat”

During the time when Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa was alive he used to talk to the sangat in Gurdwara every week on some topic related to Sikhi, in an effort to educate and inspire people. Over the past 30 years these were all recorded. Now every week, near the end of Gurdwara, we listen to one of these lectures.

This past sunday I recorded the talk which he gave on Sept 13 1987 on the topic of "Gurmat". You can download it to listen on your computer or listen to it directly from this page below. For those users who have MP3 players I am now posting all the audio/video content to the MrSikhNet Podcast so you can listen in your car or on the go too.

Download the Lecture (10MB) – 40 minutes long.

"Simple law of life is, that life is worth living when it is guided by the light of the Guru. Nobody I have seen, dumbest person I have not seen, driving the car with lights off at night. Have you seen anybody? Why you do this? You want to lead your life and switch of the light and keep going? You think you’ll make it? Forget it! You may be depending on your insurance. I’m not sure about it. Even I have seen some places on the freeway where they say switch on your light during the day time. When you pass through the tunnels they say switch on your lights. So life is just like a tunnel of actions and reaction, and It’s not dark and it’s not light, it needs your light. Either use your own light ‘Manmat’, or use Guru’s light which is a pretty search light. It will find out things for you and You will be happy, I’ll be happy. We’ll be happy.

Give your ego. And go to God with Grace. "

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