MP3 Gurbani Pick – Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio

Tonight I would like to share a Gurbani track from the Sadhana music CD by Sat Shabad Singh (Eduardo Balázs) who is from Chile (South America). I heard this CD after my mother came back from South America and really enjoyed it. This is the CD that I now use to meditate with in the morning. It is very peacefull for me to sing and meditate with. Sat Shabd Singh was kind enough to allow me to post part of the “Wahe Guru” track for you all. I trimmed it down to 11 minutes which will be perfect amount of time for you to meditate with.

The CD is Titled:
Inspirations from the Universe,
Sadhana chants from Chile.
by Sat Shabad Singh (Eduardo Balázs)

Download MP3 Audio File (Waheguru) (10.5MB)


9 Responses to “MP3 Gurbani Pick – Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio”

  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful…where can we get this cd?

  2. I’ll have to find out where it is available. I think it might only be in Chile.

    He is going to send me 10 copies ….so if I get these…you could make a donation to SikhNet and I couold mail one.

  3. Gurumustuk Singh ji – I’d love a copy of this as well – would you be so kind as to let me know when you get them? ([email protected]) Perhaps Sat Shabad Singh could be put in touch with Spirit Voyage? :-)

    Wahe Guru,
    Gurukarm Kaur

  4. Parmatma Kaur says:

    hi this is Parmatma Kaur aka anonymous from jan 2 comment…I have cheerfully donated to sikhnet today and cannot wait for the cd
    sat nam ji ([email protected])

  5. Guru Kirin says:

    Thanks Gurumustuk. This is really beautiful.

  6. allegrina says:

    you see!!!!!!! you will have to come to Chile!!!!!!!!! we have lots of nice things! hahahaha

    This Cd is really nice, Sat Shabd made it with Nam Nidhan Kaur singing… (she was my teacher oh!!!) and she gave me lots of “inspirations”…
    If you want to contact her or just look, here is her homepage:
    blessings from Chile
    SAT NAM!

  7. I also would love a copy of this CD. It’s beautiful (and i share his name!)

  8. jasbeer singh says:

    a heart touching, beautiful simran

  9. Sonia Meziat says:

    sonia.meziat beautiful , thanks gracias merci <3