Birthday Cake and Candles

Happy Birthday Himmat Singh! Bringing out the cake with candles for him to blow out.

I don’t recall having birthday cakes and candles in India for birthdays. From what I remember we gave out sweets instead. I’m curious if Sikhs in England/USA/Canada do the “sweets” thing or…the birthday cake with candles.

4 Responses to “Birthday Cake and Candles”

  1. FlyingSingh13 says:

    Well in Scotland, we do the whole cake/candles thing. And everyone in the family has to feed you a bit of cake while another takes pictures. I call them the “spoon shots”

    Not sure if this is common practice, but it is in our house. :-D

  2. Sifar says:

    I grew up in New Delhi,India and cake and candles were the way we usually celebrated b/days. Of course there used to be a lots of other sweets i.e. gulab jamman, burfi, jalabee, rassgulla etc… and namkeen like Samosas, pakodas, dhokla etc…etc… we (kids) used to eat so much that we had to skip the dinner altogether though dinner used to be served around 9 or 10 p.m. with mainly uncles, aunties, mums, dads eating it. and yes everyone of the immediate family used to put a spoonful of cake in b/day boy’s/girl’s mouth too….

  3. J S Sidhu says:

    Sat Sri Akal!
    Happy B’day Himmat Singh Ji!
    Yes in Canada we do same thing!
    It is fun to blow out candles and share a happy momnet with friends and family. It is an excuse to have fun and share happyness. We need those moments also you know.
    j s sidhu

  4. Harnek Singh says:

    I grew up in Punjab, India and now live in Toronto, Canada. Back in India we use to celebrate birthday with Sweets and Samosas. In Canada, we do the cake and candles and as well as sweets too.