Final Day of Skiing. Fresh Powder!!

Last night it snowed and there was about 5 inches of fresh snow. Today was our last day of skiing and I think we lucked out. It was SOOOO amazingly beautiful out. Nature is so wonderfull and it is great to be out in nature. As I was snowboarding around I would see these amazing views of the mountains and just be awestruck.

I had so much fun today. With all the powder (fresh snow) It was like taking a knife and carving butter on bread. Arjan’s parents got us all the new 30GB video ipod for a Christmas present and I loaded it up with music and took it with me on the slopes. It was great listening to music as I was going down the hill.

It’s about 9PM and I just finished loading up the car with our luggage. Tommorow morning early (5AM) we drive home back to Espanola, New Mexico. It would be nice to stay a few days longer but Arjan has to be at work. My brother Dharam is going to be coming up here friday night for some of the great snowboarding. I know he’ll have a good time. Crested Butte is a cool small ski town.

I took the whole week off from work figuring that we were going to ski the whole week so I’ll probably stay at home and catch up with some much needed “home work” that I have been putting off all year (doing our personal accounting for year end tax filing). I’m not too excited about it…but it’s something that has to get done. Who likes doing their taxes??

Anways…I hope you all are having a relaxing and fun holiday season. This is always a nice time for me to spend with family.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have a wonderful time relaxing and resting at home with your family!
    Thank you for giving the entire Sikh community an opportunity to connect through Sikhnet. May Vaheguru Bless you and your family with good health, happiness and chardikala spirit in the coming new year and more new years to follow.
    Guru Rakha!