Welcoming an Old Soul Back to the Earth

It’s Saturday evening as I write this and here in the northern hemisphere, it’s the heart of winter. The darkest time of the year… and my favorite time of the year. Sure summer is fun, being outdoors all the time with everyone, but this time of year is so sacred. It’s in the dark womb of winter that we plant the seeds of light that will soon be born and will blossom into the coming year and bear their fruit for everyone. That’s why the intentions we set now are so potent, and why meditating at this time of year can be an incredibly deep experience. I just came back from Amrit Singh and Siri Dyal Kaur’s house (right behind our house) where the Espanola sangat gathered to celebrate the return of an old soul. Today is the 120th day of her pregnancy, the time when the soul enters the womb. It is our tradition here to hold a ceremony for the mother to honor her and welcome in the soul of the child. Siri Dyal Kaur sat on a throne of piled up sheepskins surrounded by flowers and candles, and we all brought her presents and sang to her for an hour. We sang “Adi Shakti Namo Namo, Sarib Shakti Namo Namo, Pritam Bhagvati Namo Namo, Kundalini Mata Shakti Namo Namo” to honor her as the goddess she is and to welcome the arriving soul into her womb and into our sangat with love and protection. She prepared a wonderful feast of delicious vege soup, breadsticks and baked potatos and she made an incredible dessert of rich creamy home made ice cream filled with fresh berries and pineapple. Yum! This is her second child. Her and Amrit’s first, Ram Rattan Kaur, just turned two in October. She is a great soul and we love being her auntie and uncle Ji. Ram Rattan looked beautiful in her white dress and pukka turban and chuni. Her papa snapped this picture as she climbed into her mother’s arms during the chanting.

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  1. rsingh says:

    Interesting, I haven’t really herd much about this before just read a brief not once. Thanks for sharing.
    Anng Sang Vahiguroo

  2. Anonymous says:

    sat Sri Akal Ji.
    Forgive me
    Just one question. Sheepskin? I thought that you all are vegetarian. I am just curious. One again please forgive me.

  3. Guruka Singh says:

    Now, now… I promise you we did not eat those sheep.


  4. Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa ||
    Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh ||

    Guruka Singh

    You may not have eaten them but you still indirectly participated in the slaughter of these animals. This is something that always bothered me when I was in 3HO. I was given the bogus explaination that because we used them for meditation and yoga, that the souls of these sheep would be liberated. Yea, when monkeys fly.

    Also a short comment on why this concept of 120 days has nothing to do with Sikhi. There are various references to when the soul enters the womb in the Guru Granth, and they all say that the soul enters the womb at conception. The 120 concept is Vedic and not Sikhi. RSingh, that is why you have never heard of this.

    Chardi Kalaa

    Amar Prakash Singh

  5. Guruka Singh says:

    Facts don’t belong to anyone, Amar Prakash Singh Ji. What’s true is true. Was there no truth before Guru Nanak?

    I have personally experienced the arrival of the soul at this time of the pregnancy several times. It’s an amazing and beautiful experience.


  6. Curious_Kaur says:

    120th day? Is that whn the soul enters the baby? Does it say that in Guru Granth Sahib ji?

  7. Guruka Singh

    Yes there was Truth before Guru Nanak, that is what Aad Sach means. Not just that God was true but also It was true. Because not only was Sat Guru true but the entire creation was true in the beginning. By creation, it is more than the physical. It is everything, including ideas, concepts and thoughts. There is a saying: “There is nothing new under the sun.” This is saying exactly the same thing as when Guru Nanak said: Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Haibee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach. There is nothing new under the sun because It was true in the beginning.

    But at the same time there is only one Truth Ek Ong Kaar. Through Guru Nanak and the other Gurus, Sat Guru gave us the One Truth. Vedic truths were rejected. If there is a conflict between Vedic and Gurmat, a Sikh chooses Gurmat. Sikhs do not look to Vedic philosophy for the answers, why do you?

    The time that my daughter was conceived, both my wife and myself truely experienced the arrival of her soul.

    To answer the question of Curious Kaur: NO

    Chardi Kalaa

    Amar Prakash Singh

  8. Sifar says:

    Scientifically speaking the heart begins to beat betn 18 to 21 day of embryo formation. And I guess a soul is required to be in the body for the heart to beat. I havent read entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib, but this important info. (soul entring the embryo day 120) I would have known if was mentioned in SGGS as by the grace of Waheguru we just had a baby girl who is now 7 months. before she was born I was looking up all kind of info. from all kind of sources.

    I chkd out a few sites. I’m quoting one question from one of the sites I visited.

    Waheguru jee Kee Fateh…

    Q: When does the heart begin to beat?

    A: At 18 days [when the mother is only four days late for her first menstrual period], and by 21 days it is pumping, through a closed circulatory system, blood whose type is different from that of the mother.

    J.M. Tanner, G. R. Taylor, and the Editors of Time-Life Books,
    Growth, New York: Life Science Library, 1965, p. 64

  9. Anonymous says:

    Actually, there’re references in SGGS about a Jeev Atma, telling him/her:”Das Masse hukam” Raga Asa M 5, “Das Mass mata udar” Raga Asa Kabir Ji, “Dassi masse manas Kia” Raga sri M. 5. All talk about 10 month existence/trapping of a soul in mothers womb. With due respect to guruka Ji, you can beleive in what you want, i’ve to agree with Atam Parkash singh Ji here. WJKK WJKf

  10. Guruka Singh says:

    Yes, I rather suspected this fact might engender some controversy when I posted this story. Kabir Ji most often speaks metaphoricaly and poetically, not literally.

    On another note… a fortnight ago I received an email from our sister xShantix that led me to believe that she has been seriously ill. I see today that she has returned to her Blog. I do hope everyone will keep her in your loving prayers that she may be healed.


  11. K_51NGH says:


    aboutt eh 120 days and so on..

    well I just would want to say, Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji isn’t just a “book of facts”, they are a method, a way to reach liberation. TO meet our husband Lord is our ulitmate aim!

    You know parjis and penjis.. it won’t really help your spirituality if you know facts like the soul enters the womb at so n so day.

    Hope You understand :)