Happy Birthday Mataji! (Sat Kirin Kaur)

Today is my mother’s birthday! A beautiful and joyous day. I have my mother to thank for all her efforts throughout my life, giving me so much love and support. The values and lessons that a parent teaches are really important, and I was fortunate to have a great mother to teach me.

If you would like to wish her happy birthday you can go to her website and click on the contact link.

(Hemkunt Sahib Yatra 1979?)

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mataji! (Sat Kirin Kaur)”

  1. Jaspal says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    Happy Birthday Mummy Ji

    The lord moves, talks to us in mysterious ways.


  2. Hari Singh says:

    Mataji, May you have a most wonderful birthday. It is fitting that behind every great family is a strong, devoted and pure mother. And it does not surprise me that due to your hard work and dedication, with Waheguru’s assistance, you have a most delightful, dedicated and committed family. May with the Lord’s blessing you enjoy many 1000s more birthdays!

  3. Satnam and greetings to you in the Name God and Guru.
    I am so touched by your beautiful remembrances.
    God is so great and I owe all to Guru for lifting me to a place where I can serve so many wonderful people in this lifetime.
    WaheGuru ji ka khalsa
    wahe guru ji ki fateh