Satellite Images of Espanola

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I had friend sent me some pictures of our Gurdwara using a free program from These are satellite images taken from all over the world. It is quite cool. I downloaded the program and did some searching around. It’s actually really cool to “fly around” to different places. I even “went to the Golden Temple”…..but the image quality was not as good as the USA images so it was a very blurry image which you could make out the Sarovar.

The above picture you can see our Gurdwara, SikhNet Office, Langar Hall, and of course our Movie theater. We don’t have a lot of entertainment options here so people go to movies often and we have a lot of parties and meditations at different people’s house. Every week there always seems to be some get together at someone’s house for a birthday, event…whatever. It’s nice. We are a pretty close knit community.

Ps. The images don’t look “pretty” since they are from who knows how far above the earth. It is actually a nice area and is beautiful in it’s own unique way (seen from down here).

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  1. Anonymous says: gives better pictures for the same places.

  2. Shinda says:

    Check out a virtual google map of some of the Gurdwara’s from around @

    Just click satalite to view the images.