SADHANA – Communicating With Your Soul

"Everybody has God’s light and it must be lit by a person’s own discipline. And the glass to keep it lit and shining should be kept by the person’s own courage, strength and grit. I believe it. I believe this is the love. I believe everybody has the chance to love one’s soul and every soul has the right to shine and every shine has to bring light and brightness, beauty and bountifulness to all, generation after generation.

You love your children? You do. They are beautiful. Isn’t that innocent soul in you also your life child ? Have you kissed the soul? Have you hugged the soul? Have you communicated with the soul in the morning at the ambrosial hours when there is absolutely no disturbance? Sadhna is nothing but where a disciplined one, the love, talks to one’s own soul. is nothing but where one cleans his own mind. Sadhna is nothing but where one prepares for the day to become kind and compassionate for everyone, including the enemies.

If you think you are poor, you are poor because you do not communicate with your soul, the source of prosperity, the source of reality. If you think you are desperate, you are desperate because you have no Sadhna. Desperation, depression, and a feeling of destitution comes only to those who have no discipline or Sadhna. Only a house which is not cleaned looks dirty and the mind which is not cleaned, stinks. sadhna is the most selfish act of every act, because it is a self-cleansing. Cleanliness is Godliness. It is good to wear good clothes, look good, be bright, beautiful. But when you want to be blissful and bountiful, you have to have a clear mind, a mind through which your soul, your spirit can shine.

When you stand, take a stand, and stand tall. Walk tall and stand by the strength of your soul. Not the strength of your intellect, intelligence and your cowardice. If you want to speak to anybody, to deal with anything, to have any relationship, just have relationship by the strength of your soul. Otherwise you will miss the goal of life." – Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa

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Taking Action
We all know tommorow never comes, and there will always be excuses, so the question now is what are you waiting for? Just do it! Right? Disciplining one self is never easy, but you have to start somewhere. Even if you falter a bit…that’s ok. Just keep working on it. Set the intention to do it…..and then go for it!

Who’s in and ready to take action? I am. I started taking cold showers in the morning which has helped me feel awake and energized. This way I can do my banis and meditation with focus and be fully conscious.

All this blogging has made it hard to get up early since this is my after work "hobby" and keeps me up late into the night. I’m working on getting to sleep by 10PM. Hey…I’m not perfect and have the same challenges that many of you do trying to get up early and have a regular daily spiritual practice. I guess though for me…it is a priority, and even if I don’t always do the ideal I am always striving to do better and keep at it. I think that is important if you want to maintain this. Otherwise it will just be a passing thing that you try and give up on.

We can be support each other in this effort. Who’s in?

10 Responses to “SADHANA – Communicating With Your Soul”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very well said. Only words can’t do it. You gotta take the action.

  2. Hey Gurumustuk Singh jio – know you have the support of my husband Baldev Singh and me – we’ve recently, for no particular reason except the Grace of God, started attending sadhana quite regularly (4-6 times/wk), really happy to go, and really missing it when we miss it!

    After all these years of not going much, earlier years of feeling guilted into it when we did, not getting much out of it, etc etc etc, we are SO grateful and feeling blessed.

    It still is definitely hard when we’re too tired, and we’re going to sleep earlier than ever – about every fourth day or so we just have to sleep in. But, we’re finding it to be SO worth it.

    So, God bless you and give you the inspiration to keep up!

    Wahe Guru,
    Gurukarm Kaur

  3. Gurumustuk Singh Bhaji, thanks for the inspiration.

    And special thanks to Bhai Guruka Singh jee who has provided short but sweet information, which has been invaluable on different aspect of Gurmat and Sikh practical life.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Fateh Gurumustuk Singh ji,

    After going through interviews of Guruka singh ji and reading your inspirational work, I tried waking up early in the morning, massaged my body with oil and went for the cold shower. It was really a great feeling. Then i started inhaling and exhaling thru nostrils and repeating satnaam waheguru. It was a very pleasing and peaceful experience. At times, i did feel disconnected and there was lot of wandering. i would say most of the times. however, there were some moments (very few) , in which there was a feeling of calmness. I was just wondering, what kind of attributes about Gods should we be thinking about when doing this kind of meditation. Looking forward to all ur posts and interviews of Guruka singh ji.

    Thanks and keep up !


    A Learner

  5. Guruka Singh says:

    Learner Ji (aren’t we all!) It doesn’t matter where your mind goes when you meditate. You may even have weird thoughts. It does not matter at all. Just keep the mantra going and your mind will automatically be filtered. It is an automatic process. No worries.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Gurmustuk SIngh!

    First of all this blog is an amazing source of inspiration and so informative, cant imagine life without it now!

    I have been so inspired and have started to wake up amrit vela and do ishnaan but am working on the cold shower therapy (sends a shiver down my spine just thinking about it!) I do my Japji Sahib and am attempting to build up the simran slowly but surely.

    The job you are doing is amazing in spreading the spirit of Sikhi worldwide and especially giving Sikhs brought up in Western culture a portal to understand the science behind all the principals our Gurus have given us. Keep up the good work.

    P.s, Guruka Singh —-> you have to be the coolest guy I have ever seen or heard in all my life! Keep up the good work!!


    Avtar Singh

  7. Avtar Singh, It’s great to hear that you have started your daily “Sadhana”! It is inspiring for me to read feedback like this. Then I know this website is having some lasting effect on some people. I wonder sometimes if it just ends up as intellectual entertainment, or if people are actually applying the “tools and techniques”. So…if you are benefiting from the blog please do share your experiences as a comment on one of the posts. This helps me guage what people are enjoying and getting out of the website.

    I remember back to when Yogi Bhajan was still alive we all used to frequently go to classes that he taught. At the end of the class you would feel so great and inspired and go home. Then at other classes he would yell at us and say something like “If you just did ONE of the things that I have shown you on a regular basis then your life will change”.

    There are many tools to use in this life. The key is having the discipline to actually apply them.

    Otherwise It’s just like a donkey with books on it’s back, rather than a wise priest.

  8. Oh yeah… Yes…Guruka is pretty cool. He is one of those people full of joy, laughter, love and enthusiasm. I’m blessed to be able to work with him at SikhNet. There is so much to learn! We are Sikhs right? Always learning…..

  9. Gurdeep Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ke fathe.

    Guruka Singh Ji and Gurmustak Singh Ji…I really appreciate all your hard work. Gurka Singh Ji’s video has made life changing impact on me…I was a wondering soul (a youth who was trying really hard to impress people) but after coming for about a year on and reading lot of knowledgeable interviews, listing to Sat kiran Kaur Khalsa and Snatam Kaur ji’s simran has made me do simran at anytime of the day…but when I saw Gurka Singh ji’s interviews. I started practicing waking up at 3am and taking cold shower. I tell it wasn’t easy. I committed to 40 days and on 38th day I couldn’t get up and missed it…when I woke up it was 9am…So I started all over again with the 40 days. I want to thank all others who make all this possible for all of us wondering souls.

    Before I go, also want to mention that the youth form has made me learn so much more into the depth. It was hard in the begging because I was just reading about getting up and doing nitnam. I started enjoying it when I actually putted into practice. Everyday I watch for Gurka Singh ji’s interview. Now, I early wait for Guruka Singh ji’s interviews so I can go home and practice it. It’s an amazing calm and soothing, peaceful experience.

    All of this had made such an impact that I am going to have Amrit Sanchar and want to be with Guru Gobind Singh ji in this life.

    Waheguru keep all of us in chardi kala,

    Gurdeep Kaur

  10. Gurdeep Kaur: Thank you so much for sharing! It’s very inspiring to hear your story. Hopefully it will encourage others to take a “step forward”. Even for me…I have been making a lots of changes in my life and doing more. It is changing from a “guilt” feeling of having to do it…to…a joy and excitement to want to do it.

    Wahe Guru!