Winter in Espanola

A few days ago we finally got some snow. It was REALLY cold at night and when I woke up…it was white everywhere. As things go here…the snow was melted within hours after the sun came up. I hope we get some more snow! In a week or so I’m going to be driving up to Colorado to visit Arjan’s Sister and parents and will be having a week of skiing/snowboarding. Fun fun!

On the weekend we had a water pipe freeze and break. I was watering plants outside and wondering what the odd water gushing sound in the wall was. About 20 minutes later I come inside to find Narayan jumping around in the water of the flooded kitchen. He was making “booby traps” and having fun in the water. We’ve been having all kinds of house issues these past weeks. I told my father…and he said “Welcome to the home owners club!”.

Ps. In case you couldn’t tell…the picture is of our home and neighbors.

2 Responses to “Winter in Espanola”

  1. Oh no Cous i hope you get that pipe fixted we will miss you at chirstmas we love you and miss you

  2. xSHANTIx says:

    woooooooooooow its snowing there…..i want to live in espy even more now after seeing this…scotland used to have great winters but thanks to good old global warming its still pretty mild here!!!!!!! im horrified how can i make a snowman with NO SNOW!