Gurbani MP3 Picks

Tonight I am going to take a break from posting videos and post a couple of audio clips. I love Gurbani Kirtan played in the traditional way; however I also love some of the new music which more artists are creating recently. This new music blends Gurbani with instruments and sounds of the current time. I have been noticing a trend of more musicians taking their love of Sikhi and the Guru and creating unique music. I have quite a varied taste in music too. I like music with an Asian/Indian sound, but also like some of the western musical influence. Most of this new style of music has been coming from the US and UK, though I just found out about another cool musician from Australia (whose tracks I sampled) and will be posting on my blog in the future.

I have a lot of cool music that I wish I could post as downloadable MP3 files, but the artists have spent significant time and money to produce the CDs, so it wouldn’t be right for me to do so (plus it would be illegal)…so I figure if I can at least post a few tracks as “listen only” you can at least check them out and enjoy. If you like it…you can always buy a CD and support the artist so they can make more music. It’s good for everyone!

Today I will start with some tracks from my mother’s (SatKirin Kaur) new CD: Lightness of Being. You might have heard some of the tracks in the background of videos I have posted in the past. If you like Snatam Kaur’s music…you’ll probably also like my mothers music. If you haven’t heard of either people….then just go ahead and take a listen… :)

Aad Guray Nameh

Raam Daas Sarovar Naatay

Chattar Chakara Varatee

The deeply devotional voice of Sat Kirin’s fusion rendered mantras embellished with the artistry of Thomas Barquee, Zoran and the World Class musicians of Om studio in Calcutta give us this delightful and uplifting meditative experience. This compelling chant album contains soothing songs with violin and esraj, soaring sounds of Bansuri flute, and lively Indian rhythms.”

These are just a few of the tracks from the CD. If you like them you can hear more from this CD and her other ones at: (plus purchase copies of the CD). Keep in mind that these audio samples are low quality/bitrate so don’t sound as good as on the CD.

My Family

Here is a picture of some of my immediate family. Me, my wife Arjan, Son Narayan, brother Dharam, My mother Sat Kirin Kaur and father Siri Vishnu Singh.

Ps. To read more about Sat Kirin Kaur or to go to one her concerts/kirtans in New York Click here for more info

5 Responses to “Gurbani MP3 Picks”

  1. very nice. thanks for sharing the shabads with everyone.

    all of them are very soothing and peaceful. in particular i like the first shabad “aad gure nameh…” because it has a nice traditional raag sound to it :)

    you have a very a gifted mother

    guru rakha.

  2. SikhsRus says:

    Really really really beautiful beautiful picture!! I love it! Thank you for posting. I am going to share with other friends and family members.

  3. Anonymous says:

    very soothing and peaceful voice

  4. xSHANTIx says:

    BUY THE CD :D its awesome !!

  5. Regina says:

    Last week I was able to listen to the songs (on audioblog?) but the links are gone now.. is that on purpose? Are they still available somehow/somewhere? I was hoping to keep listening until my CD arrives!