Espanola Christmas Parade of Lights

Tonight our family and some friends went out to watch the Christmas parade of lights. Apparently this goes on every year….but we have never been to it. People make all kinds of floats with lights and drive down the street. All of Espanola must have been there; it was so crowded. Arjan’s Office (GRD Health Center) is right on the main road so we just parked there and came out to the street. It was freezing cold outside…but the kids didn’t seem to care. Narayan didn’t want to wear a jacket either. It was fun being there with everyone and watching the interesting floats go by. The parade had local Espanola flavor with some of the low rider cars bouncing up and down or driving with half the car elevated. Every float was playing Christmas songs. It was fun until my fingers turned to ice cubes and I was getting headachy from inhalation of diesel fumes.

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5 Responses to “Espanola Christmas Parade of Lights”

  1. The Greatest thing about being a Sikh is to enjoy every festival regardless to which religion it belongs to.

    If we sincerely think that we are Sikhs then we should have no biaseed thinking in celebrating other festivals and enjoy the zest of life.

    My family never been to a church but we celebrate every festival, matter of fact we have two christmas trees this year, it lifts up the spirits with colorful lights just like Diwali.

  2. xSHANTIx says:

    the pictures are cool, the kids look so cute in their winter clothes!

  3. SikhsRus says:

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    I really loved the picures below of Arizona Gurdwara and especially the last picture with whole sangat together. How about asking Sikhnet and blog visitors to submit pictures of their communities for posting? It kind of brings people closer than normal to pose for a picture all together Its a thought. And who knows may be you or some else would want want to put a collage of global Sikh communities together.

  4. SikhsRus says:

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    On the subject of Christmas, here is a link to something interesting I found today about Christian Evengelical missionaries in Punjab. I thought it may interest your blog visitors. Please delete if you feel your blog is not the place for it:

  5. our christmas lights this 2010 would be made up from light emitting diodes which does not generates so much heat,,.