Looking Back at 2005 – Secretariat Party

Today we had a really great gathering of all the different people who work here in the “non-profit” organizations/departments here in our community. This was a little surprise “party” for us all. We gathered, had some yummy snacks, and then sat on the floor in a circle together.

Over the past year we have been working on unifying ourselves and our missions. Trying to move from “My department/mission” to “our mission” and working together. As you can see in the below pictures there are quite a few people who work in many different areas to serve communities all around the world. I counted about 50 people. One interesting thing I noted was that probably 2/3 of the people are the “younger generation” which was refreshing to see the youth starting to assume more positions and roles in our organizations.

We spent a few minutes meditating/chanting and then we looked back at this year; shared some of our accomplishments. Then we went into fun interactive activities. One of the fun things we did to appreciate everyone was to stick a big piece of paper on everyone’s back. Then, we were set loose (with fun music playing in the background) to write a word or a few words on people’s back of what you appreciate about that person. So here everyone was running around trying to write on people’s back as fast as they could. It was a lot of fun. A good activity to try! You can see what people wrote on my paper below. We also were instructed to visually draw what changes we see from this years work (also shown below). One of the final activities was to set our intentions for this next year with a few words. This was written on a card and shared with everyone; then placed in a box which will be our collective prayers. You had to be there….to get the feeling. It was really great to be with everyone and share this way.

At the end everyone was given gift bags, with all kinds of goodies and a certificate of appreciation. The lottery here is currently at around $100,000,000 so they gave us all a lottery ticket (for fun). Let’s see if anyone wins. Hahaha….

At the last minute when we were taking a group picture they told us the rest of the day was being given as paid time off to have fun. A bunch of us decided to go see the new movie “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which just came out today in theaters. I ended up picking up Narayan from school early and we all went to the movies. It was a fun day…and I’m ready for more this weekend.

Ps. If any of the people that organized this cozy get together read this. Thank you! It was great.

8 Responses to “Looking Back at 2005 – Secretariat Party”

  1. Great work! I have reading your blog for sometime and I have the feeling that western sikhs will end up teaching real sikhism to other punjabi sikhs who are not educated about their own religion.

    Great work! Guruji is speaking through you guys!

  2. SikhsRus says:

    Great post. It is great to see more and more young people are involved and taking bigger roles and reponsibilities. I hope one of you guys wins that 100 mil.

  3. SikhsRus says:

    About movies, how was Narnia? My kids want to see that one. Wife and I saw Syriana last night. It is really good (Rated R though and may be not for little kids). I sometimes let my older kids(10+) see some rated R movies, but really hard to draw the line between PG13 and R sometimes. Personally, I think some of the Harry Potter movies should have been rated R.

  4. SikhRus: The Narnia movie was good. Not spectacular…but entertaining. It was rated PG. I’m sure your kids will enjoy though :)

  5. Manjit, thank you for the Syriana review I wanted to go see that too. Gurumustak, sort of disappointed with your review of Narnia…i was hoping it was spectacular. ohh well…i wonder how King Kong’s gonna turn out.

  6. Ik Singh: Sorry..wasn’t trying to do a review. I enjoyed the movie. In my scale of movies from 1 – 10 (10 being wow!) I would give it a 6-7. It was fun and enjoyable.

  7. gurumustak, does toastmasters club help people like me? i was trying to thank you as well as manjit for the reviews. i was disappointed in narnia not in your review of narnia. 6-7 means wait for the DVD.

    ps…someone actually mentioned your blog on your paper (that was stuck to your back) :) and wrote “rock star” but no mention of “cyber jackson”. i’m begining to see the whole picture(espanola)now…(keyword: begining) thanks for the post!

  8. I have heard on the radio that Narina is a Good movie, maybe worth going to the theatre.

    Three best movies of this year in random order:
    1) Narina
    2) king kong
    3) memoirs of Gaiesha

    Also I have ordered Lord of the rings the EXTENDED VERSION!