Story Writing? Sikh Stories for Kids

Well…I’m still working on trying to get the Sikh Audio Stories Project going and got many of the things lined up with different people who have volunteered to help. However, the first step which is still moving pretty slow, is trying to find some good stories from Sikh History (or in general about being a Sikh) and editing them for this use. It’s not a problem to find a story, the issue is that the language/words have to be right for young kids to understand/enjoy, and the story format has to be changed. Just as you would change a book text to a movie script for actors to play. The children really like the voices of the different characters; it’s much more interesting for them than simple narrative. The stories need to be adapted to have less general description and more specific personification. So we need really to change the story into a script so that our "voice actors" can read their parts as we record. If you would like to be a part of this project and help with this please do let me know how you can help. Thank you!

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  1. meera says:

    dear gurmustak ji,
    i will rewrite the stories for you and edit whatever you want. i am a writer by profession and this kind of work will be a blessing for me. i think this idea of yours is very very good…
    pls contact me on mycoach99 at yahoo dot com or i will mail you separately