Another Hectic Day….

Thank you all for the stories, comments, and valuable suggestions regarding my last post! It is always interesting to hear other people’s experiences and thoughts. We all have different lives and perspectives which we can learn from.

Inside I know what I am doing is right…but sometimes there are feelings that creep up, and the last post was just expression and processing of those feelings. This is my online journal right?

Today was one of those non-stop hectic days. I couldn’t seem to catch up with things. The SikhNet server was crashing all day due to some software bugs (new software release/data corruption), and I was dealing with that along with all kinds of other meetings and work stuff. All I can say is that it was one of those days. I hope things settle down with the server now. I did some things that IBM tech support suggested and so far things are quiet, which is a good sign (ie: no crashes since).

On Friday me and Guruka are going to get together and record some more educational videos. As always we’ll sit down and see what comes out. Last time it was very impromptu and just flowed without any real planning. If you have any requests for topics to cover in the interviews feel free to make suggestions today.

The past few days it has been SOOO cold here. This time we’ll record the video inside. I think a roaring fire, some yummy sweets and some hot Yogi Tea sounds about right. How does that sound Guruka?

14 Responses to “Another Hectic Day….”

  1. Guruka Singh says:

    “…a roaring fire, some yummy sweets and some hot Yogi Tea.”

    You got it. We’ll have fun on Friday. …..G

  2. Hello cous maybe some good christmas lights behind the person who you are interviewing i just love how everything is setup i hope everything is going Good for you hope to hear from you soon come and take a look on my site Love Jenny Miner

  3. sweets sound so gooood, like shanti i’m such a chocoholic! lol ya blogger makes the pics smaller, if you go to my profile its got a link for my page….tons of pics there if you really wanna see :)

  4. Paramveer says:

    Yes, I just have one question for Guruka Singh. Well, there is a scientific reason for keeping your hair on your head, but how about your beard?

  5. Harvinderpal Singh says:

    I Love Guruka’s Videos I find them ‘Inspiring’ especially the one about Sadhna, Aradhna & Prabupati. It inspired me to get up early every day to do my Bani and Sadhna (I have always found getting early very tough). Please give us more of the same stuff!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    How about asking Guruka Singh about the ups and downs of life and why they occur and is there anyway to keep life goin up (happy) and not falling down. I mean in the end its going to be a balance no matter what rite ?

  7. here’s what i’m picturing:

    Guruka sitting (with reading glasses and SGGS in hand) on a chair with wooden arm rests, infront of
    a fireplace with poinsettas on each side.
    using glowing warm “lens” to film this scene,
    The chair will have a side table with Hot Coco or Yogi Tea (you guys can use product placement for this)…
    and kids wearing sweaters and turtlenecks sitting in front (on the ground) in front of Guruka asking questions,
    like “can we get a x-mas/holiday tree” and “do sikhs believe in angels?”…
    ohh and x-mas tree with lights (golden glow) in back of the chair to the side a bit…
    gtg, actually have to work today…

  8. Anonymous says:

    i know you’ve done a question on Amritvela… but how does one maintain consistency in their Rehit…ie Bani & Amritvela

  9. Anonymous says:

    How to identify and over come haumai, incorporate humility in day to day life

  10. Hari Bhajan Singh says:

    more Yogi Bhajan stories from the “old days” …

  11. That would be cool to have two christmas trees in the back while reading to the kids in red and green what do you think about that Love You cous Jenny Miner

  12. Shub Naya Baras everyone

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey GMS,
    Why didn’t IBM support suggest, buy an iSeries or AS400? They’re crash proof, well in last 17 years mine never crashed. These days older models can be bought on ebay. Just gotta think out of box for a minute. Thats all.

  14. SikhsRus says:

    Shubh Naya Baras to you as well! and Merry Christmas!